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Being An FOI

Friday, January 27, 2006Brother Mustafaa

By Bro. Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

Some of the definitions of an FOI given by the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, Messenger of ALLAH are,

"The Fruit of Islam means the first converts to Islam here in America and the first people to be cleaned and made fit to be called Muslims... and their training is on this basis, as being Muslims, to keep in practice, not just say it is their faith or belief. You must put into practice the principles of Islam that you believe in and serve as an example for others who would accept Islam."

I am so blessed by Almighty God ALLAH to be chosen to enter in among this mighty class of men to learn the principles of TRUE manhood. I give thanks to ALLAH, who appeared in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad for setting up this class for the black man(young or old) in the wilderness of America. When I entered this class it was love at first sight.

I always wanted to be a real-strong man, however growing up in America the young black man has no real examples of real manhood to emulate, therefore we look to TV, rappers, white males or people in the street for manhood guidance. When I read of Malcolm X I saw the first real man in my life.

Many marvel over the greatness of Malcolm and the change in his life, but don't consider the source for this change. Later, The Hon. Louis Farrakhan would show me the example of manhood. Of course it was The Hon. Elijah Muhammad who gave the exemplar of manhood, but even further than that it was the structure of the FOI class by Master Fard Muhammad which showed Malcolm how to excel at manhood.

I was taught in this class that the Blackman is made in the image and likeness of The Creator(God), which gives us the potential to exercise force and power in our own realm of existence. I was further taught the power of my mind and that what my mind can conceive I could achieve by going to work.

So lets give credit where credit is due Master Fard Muhammad and The Hon. Elijah Muhammad for producing a "rites of passage" program for the black man in America. Black man do you want to be a real man then join the FOI class! Black sister do you want a real man in your life encourage the black man to join the FOI class.


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