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The Desire Of Master Fard Muhammad

Sunday, January 29, 2006Brother Mustafaa

Master Fard Muhammad, the finder of the lost Nation of Islam

Master Fard Muhammad in his original instructions to the laborers says the following:

"For this is our Saviours's desire- that we should know Him as our GOD and Saviour, and that besides him there is no SAVIOUR for us. " [Supreme Wisdom instructions to laborers]

We as Black People in America have been presented "Saviors" by other people, but never have we been introduced to a "Savior" as we read of them in the scriptures. Is God interested in black people? Has God forsaken us? Are we cursed? These are very important questions to ask and to question whether we are worthy of a "Savior" and "Salvation." It would seem from just a brief overview of the scriptures that The God is interested in everyone affairs but ours. However, from our reading of the word of God contained in the Bible in Genesis 15:13-14/ 1 Peter 2:9-10/ Isaiah 61 and many others that God is interested in the downtrodden and oppressed man and woman. If that is a fact and it is who will stand for this piece of fallen black humanity, crushed by over 400 years of physical, mental and spiritual slavery?

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us in his book Message to the Blackman:

"Allah came to us from the Holy City Mecca, Arabia, in 1930. He used the name Wallace D. Fard, often signing it W. D. Fard, in the third year (1933). He signed his name W. F. Muhammad which stands for Wallace Fard Muhammad. He came alone. He began teaching us the knowledge of ourselves, of God and the devil, of the measurement of the earth, of other planet, and of the civilization of some of the planets other than earth.

He measured and weighed the earth and its water; the history of the moon, the history of the two nations, black and white that dominate the earth. He gave the enact birth of the white race, the name of their God who made them and how; and the end of their time, the judgment how it will begin and end.

He taught us the truth of how we were made "slaves" and how we are kept in slavery by the "slave masters" children. He declared the doom of America for her evils to us was past due. And that she is number one to be destroyed. Her judgment could not take place until we hear the truth.

He declared that we were without the knowledge of self or anyone else. How we had been made blind, deaf and dumb by this white race of people and how we must return to our people, our God and His religion of peace (Islam), the religion of the prophets. We must give up the slave names of our slave masters and accept the name of Allah (God) or one of His divine attributes. He also taught us to give up all evil doings and practices and do righteousness or be destroyed from the face of the earth.

He taught us that the slave-masters had taught us to eat the wrong food and that this wrong food is the cause of our sickness and short span of life. He declared that he would heal us and set us in heaven at once, if we would submit to Him. Otherwise He would chastise us with a severe chastisement until we did submit. And that He was able to force the whole world into submission to his will. He said that he loved us (the so-called Negroes), his lost and found, so well that he would eat rattlesnakes to free us if necessary for he has power over all things. "

This man Master Fard Muhammad has a desire today that we know him as our friend, Savior and deliverer. This is the good news or Gospel that must be spread to the Black man and Woman here in America.

We are no longer forsaken, but have been found wanting and "one" now has the desire to redeem us. This February 26th I as well as other Black brother and sisters will be acknowledging this man's birth date for he brought Islam to the shores of North America, he singlehandedly introduced this "new" way of life to the people in the mud and he laid the theological and philosophical foundation upon which The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan would walk.

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