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My View Of Islam

Friday, January 27, 2006Brother Mustafaa

What is Islam? Islam means peace and in the religious sense it means submission to God. This is the first step to becoming a true Muslim your belief that there is none worthy of worship but GOD. In this world many things can be your God like money, television, sex, drugs alcohol and even people. The only one we should worship is God, The Creator, and not worship created things.

Is Islam a new religion? No! Not at all. Islam(submission to God's will) has been the only way for all people from Adam to Jesus to Muhammad(peace be upon all these worthy servants of God).

The Qur'an, The Holy book of Muslims, poses a question to the Jews and Christians it asks, "Was  Abraham a Jew or Christan?" it further states, "No he was a upright Muslim(submitted to one God)and was not of the idolators."

I think this is a very intelligent question since Abraham was born before Jesus(and his followers were called Christians) and was born before Judah his great grandson (the name Jew came after the existence of Judah).

So what was the religion of God before Jesus AND Judah? It was Islam(submission to the one God). Shahada, in Islamic language, is confession of your faith to one God. Adam bore witness to one God. Moses confessed: "Hear o' Israel the lord our God is one." When Jesus came on the scene he repeated: "Hear o' Israel the lord our God is one." Muhammad, The Prophet, said "LA-ILAHA-ILL-ALLAH" which is translated to mean, "There is nothing worthy of worship but Almighty God."

All of these mighty men of God have taken Shahada when will you bear witness to the oneness and uniqueness of God and become a Muslim(submitter to one God)? As-Salaam Alakuim(Peace be unto you!) 

~Originally written by author during the summer of 1997~


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