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A Great Day!

Thursday, April 13, 2006Brother Mustafaa

(Reprinted from the Muhammad Speaks February 27th 1970)

BLACK BROTHER and BLACK SISTER, I hope to acquaint you with the greatness of this day February 26, 1970 and to preach to you , of you and my deliverer , Master Fard Muhammad, to whom Praises are due forever, who was born on this day February 26, a Saviour, A Finder, a life-giver, a guide, a protector, a Remover of Fear and Grief from you and me, a Pardoner of sin, a Renewer of the actual flesh, to cause it to grow into youth again and to stop decay. He sits us, who believe and submit to his will, in heaven at once--- Money, Good Homes, Friendships in all walks of life. HE SAVES US FROM THE EVIL- planners and the destruction of us by our enemies regardless to what color they may be.

A GREAT DAY: we can rejoice and be glad that fear and grief has been removed and we are able to have a peace of mind and contentment. To the once fearful, troubled and grievous hearts of ours, he gives the necessities of life and he removes wants and repays those who have deprived us of justice and killed us day and night, out of due course of the law of justice.

It is a GREAT DAY February 26, 1970 . Let us Respect the coming and presence of such a Great and unequalled, Wise and Powerful God Who Accepts us , the Black Man, who have all our life long, been rejected and despised by the civilizations of man.

A GREAT DAY! Are you going? I AM going to the COLISEUM, located at 1513 South Wabash Avenue Chicago, Illinois, at 2:00 P.M., on Thursday , February 26, 1970. The length of the service will be between one and one-half(1 1/2) to two(2) hours. A GREAT DAY!

Elijah Muhammad, Messenger of Allah


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