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Rap Artist MC Hammer Speaks On Bridging Muslims And Christians

Sunday, May 21, 2006Brother Mustafaa

Rap Artist MC Hammer

Davey D: "Religion. You always had religious elements in your music. Coming from a gospel background, I've always seen that, but at the same time I know you do run with people that are affiliated with the Orthodox Muslims. What's the deal are you Muslim or Christian or Buddhist. What?"

Hammer: "What I do is try to bridge the gap. You see if our goal is the same, clean up the community, then we are on the same page. Any religion that doesn't teach you to love your brother is not real. Any religion that doesn't teach you to be committed to the community is not real. So I can associate with the brothers in the Islamic religion, for the simple that I know that they are about brotherly love, that they are about community. But my religious affiliation is Christianity and I'm very proud to say so because I understand the history of Christianity. I understand the African, not the African American, origin of man. So when I understand these things, when I say that I'm proud to be a Christian, I am truly proud to be Christian like. The characteristics of Christ which is the very essence of love."


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