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6-6-6, Hip Hop And The Return To Conscious Rap Music

Monday, June 12, 2006Brother Mustafaa

Mark of The Beast & Mark of The Man

The title of this article is well known in the religious world, particularly the Judeo-Christian Western world. These numbers have been known to strike up fear in persons and conversation on the fulfillment of these numbers. If you are not aware, these numbers are defined as the mark of the beast. According to the book of Revelations it teaches that the number of the beast is 6.

I was “somewhat” amazed at the reaction some black people had on this date. On a local radio station there was a hour long call in show dedicated to this topic. One woman said she didn’t recognize the date until she wrote a check, which she tore up immediately. Others gave their various opinions on the implications of Satan, the Beat and this number 6-6-6.

In the midst of the hysteria of the date(666) a profound album was released by one of the most respected veterans in the rap game. I speak of none other than Ice Cube. “Laugh now Cry later” is the name of the latest solo album by Ice Cube, which is being received with positive reviews and acclaims. Before we discuss the current album it may be needed for some to know the history of Ice Cube musically.

After breaking with NWA in the late 80’s over internal disputes with his fellow bandmates(Dr Dre, Mc Ren, Easy E, Yella and the label Ruthless records) he embarked on a solo career which saw the ground breaking “Amerikkka’s Most Wanted” followed up with his "Death Certificate" album, which I believe is one of the finest album of the conscious era of rap. Four more albums would follow over the next few years which continued the lyrical tradition he established.

One of the things that stood out to me as a young black man listening to his early music was the inclusion of the teachings of The Hon. Elijah Muhammad and The Hon. Louis Farrakhan in his records. Others included in the commentary were Malcom X and the late Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad. By adding these artists, Ice cube’s music was not only entertaining but educational. I was really inspired to listen to Minister Farrakhan and Khalid Abdul Muhammad after hearing Cube’s Death certificate album. He even included an endorsement of the Nation of Islam as the “best place for young black men and women."

Coming back to the present, Ice Cube’s return to music is a great thing because of his ability to make you think as well as groove.

The date of release, title and content of the album are not with out significance when you consider this is a man who has bore witness to Master Fard Muhammad, The Hon. Elijah Muhammad, Minister Louis Farrakhan and the body of knowledge they represent called “Supreme wisdom”. The exploiters of the poor may be laughing now, but will be crying later. The Nation of Islam has taught for now 76 years that America must pay for her sins to the Black man and woman here in America.

The songs of this album are classic Ice Cube at his best addressing the issues of racism, poverty, drugs, violence, gangs, self hate, wicked government and exploitation of the weak by the strong. The first single titled “Why we thugs” talks straight to the brother and sister in the street who may not be aware that everything that is going on in our communities was well planned by wickedly great scientists. It is not an accident that death pervades our communities in one form or another. Songs on the album like "The Ni**a Trap" reminds one of the Willie Lynch program. 

From when Ice Cube dropped his first album in 1990 until now 2006 much hasn’t changed. I have grown up into a civilized man and follower of The Hon. Elijah Muhammad, under the leadership of Minister Farrakhan, however I will always be thankful that there was an Ice Cube speaking "street knowledge" in a language that a fool like me could hear and understand. Welcome back Brother Ice Cube and keep putting the message in Music.

To those who may still be scared of the beast and 6-6-6, I leave you with these words from Ice Cube’s song “When I Get To Heaven”.

“You waiting for the devil to come from the ground clown take a look around.” Ice Cube

Thank you for reading these words.


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