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Hanging Out With The Muslims & Islamic Revival

Thursday, September 14, 2006Brother Mustafaa

Bro. Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

This past weekend was one of the greatest experiences which I have had in my short life. All the Muslims of The Nation of Islam Seventh region(Florida and beyond) were united in Miami for a weekend of inspiration, family and fun. In a society which is for the most part opposite from Islamic/ Quranic teachings it is great to come together with fellow believers to re-affirm and enjoy the peace our culture creates.

In these times of persecution of the Muslims and the Western man trying to dictate to Muslims how we should act and think the unity of Muslims is more critical than ever. Sometimes I think we as Muslims must be reminded what a Muslims is. Of course the believer would respond: “one who submits to do the will of ALLAH”. In the next breath the same believer can begin to speak harsh against his fellow believer and even accuse them of not being a “true Muslims”. I repeat we must not think like this. Our enemies don’t discriminate against us because we call ourselves a Sunni, Shia, Salafi, Sufi or any other title we create to make ourselves different from one another. I recently said to some Muslims in our Mosque meeting: “I don’t know what it is going to take to get us to come together next to having our enemies put a rifle in our faces.” We are living in a time when Islam is facing its greatest challenge, internally and externally. When Islam comes out the victor(and it will) the world will have to declare that the hand of God is on this community(Ummah).

The Hon. Elijah Muhammad said: “A champion cannot be recognized without a worthy opponent.” I can say and most would agree the Muslims face a world of hostility, but if we can keep steadfast and keep our faith in our Lord, ALLAH, we will be the winners as our Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) was successful 1400 years ago facing the disbelievers and corrupt government of his time.

This brings me back to what I originally spoke about in this article about my trip. The Prophet(PBUH) said: “Islam began as something strange and it will return to being something strange.” The whole Muslim world must take into consideration the movement called the Nation of Islam founded by Master Fard Muhammad on July 4th 1930. It was later led by The Hon. Elijah Muhammad for 44yrs. The Hon. Elijah Muhammad single-handedly popularized Islam in America. He made it possible for The Holy Qur’an to come from the basement in a dusty library to come to the forefront. After the immigrant Muslims came to America many denied their faith or assimilated into American way of life(Many times taking a white woman bride) to prove they were a “Good ole boy” and meant no harm. However, after The Hon. Elijah Muhammad and his followers stood up and demanded that America accept their Islamic names many wayward Muslims began to get courage to re-assert their Islamic identity.

I believe that the so-called traditional Muslims(aka Orthodox Muslims) of America and the world are doing a disservice to themselves as well as the future of our faith by not studying The Hon. Elijah Muhammad and the model community he established in an anti-Islamic regime like America. 


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    NOI and Orthodox Muslims working together?



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