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Rapper CL Smooth On Muslims And knowledge

Tuesday, September 19, 2006Brother Mustafaa

(CL Smooth was the vocal half of the influential hip-hop duo Pete Rock & CL Smooth in the early 90's)

Playahata.com: Was there any historical leaders or books that helped you through the ups & downs of the industry & dealing with being an internationally known artist or just being CL?

C.L. Smooth: I'm a book reader & I have a little brother that has master degree so he's just a book collector. I would say 'Message to the Black Man', 'The Spook who sat by the door' or on to even biographies like Sammy ("the bull") Gravano's book. I like little stuff & little versatile stuff. The Donald Goines books. It's just a vibe & I like to be versatile. As far as leaders it would be Khalid Muhammad (rip). I'm saying that because I've talked to them for hours. These are the people that, I'm not a Muslim, but you couldn't tell the difference because my conversation is still the same as a Muslim, a peaceful being. I'm gravitated more towards knowledge, people with some wisdom, people with some depth. I had an old soul back when I was a teenager so I felt that anything that they gave me right or wrong I was able to apply pieces of it. Filter out the things that I didn't want & apply it to my life.

Read the full interview and learn about his new albulm "American Me"


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