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Why Are More Black Men Dressing Like Women?

Tuesday, June 09, 2009Brother Mustafaa


While I was working on a new article for this blog, I was distracted by the thought of black men and drag, particularly in Hollywood. It is seen as a big laugh to see a black man dressed up like a woman. The old testament of the Bible says such a person should be killed. I am not advocating killing anyone or trying to inspire anyone to do such. 

We as a people have come through the horrible ordeal of slavery and it has destroyed us on many levels. Therefore, it is not good for us to down another brother or sister who may be manifesting one of many aspects of post slavery sickness. 


(Above pics top to bottom: Jamie Foxx as Wanda, Flip Wilson as Gertrude, Barry Bonds dressed as a woman and Wesley Snipes dressed in drag)

Back to black men dressing like women. The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad, the Messenger, had to advise his Min. Farrakhan when he put on a play displaying our transformation from low life to Godliness. In the play The Hon. Louis Farrakhan had a brother play the role of a homosexual and a sister play the part of a prostitute. After seeing the play The Hon. Elijah Muhammad told Minister Farrakhan to never have his people playing such roles again, because to play such a role you have to put your mind in the role of what you are playing. 

This is in line with the Bible which teaches, "As a person thinks in their heart so are they."  Why is black men dressing in drag encouraged or promoted in America? 

(Pics from top to bottom: Ving Rhames in drag, Eddie Murphy in drag)

God has come to America to uplift the black man and his family to the highest pinnacle of success in this world and the next. We have to be washed from the death blow of the slavery experience which destroyed our minds. We have been ripped off from the knowledge of self and of our God. The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad, The Messenger of ALLAH, worked for 44 years to reform, redeem and renew the black man and woman in America. His great student and spiritual son, The Hon. Louis Farrakhan,  has worked in his absence to continue the process of spiritual and moral resurrection.  

Black brothers it is no joke and do not let the enemy make you a joke among the civilized world by putting you in a dress. You are a black man not a black woman!

(Tyler Perry as Madea)

Thank you for reading this post

What do you think?


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  1. My brother,
    I understand your point, but I believe that the brothers dressing like a woman feel that they are doing nothing more than creating good clean humor. There is a serious side of everything and there is a time and place for one to be serious.
    The individual person, must be able to separate the two. It's no fun, walking around over analyzing every situation and constantly being on the defense. I have got caught up in that in the past and had to work on relaxing sometime and just enjoy life.
    I let God fight my battles. I know that if my intentions in every thing I do is for the good and not meant to harm any person, rather they be white, black or whatever race. My heart (the God in me), always tries to do the right thing. I may fail sometime, but I know my God is a forgiving God.

  2. Thank you for your response dear brother.

    Brother Mustafaa

  3. I think it's just Hollywood and it's should be taken in the spirit in which it is intended..comedy.
    I'm more concern about other images in Hollywood that blacks are portraying. Thugs and whores? Why doesn't that seem to bother anyone?

  4. Thank you Kim for your response. Have a blessed day sister.

  5. Anonymous5:23 PM

    It's about breaking down the black man & the brothers are doing it for fame. If You allow me to control you, I will make you famous. They are selling their soul to the One World Order of white men in power who want to eventually rule the entire world. People need to wake up. Read the scriptures about not warring against flesh & blood.

    The OWO also controls hip hop & listen to some of the music, & forbid you hear the messages embedded when you play music backwards.

  6. Anonymous9:44 PM

    it's ridiculous- nothing more. Kind of like how Farrakhan is treated as a man of God though he bushwhacked X.

  7. Anonymous8:57 AM

    I don't think men dressing as women has anything to do with slavery....although our men and even women were degraded to a certain extent, the role of a man was never taken away and is portrayed throughout history until we as a culture left the foundation that was initially laid for us through our belief in GOD and his guidance provided to us on how we should live. As time evolves more and more of humanity are getting away from those teachings to a more worldly way of accepting the unacceptable and living the unapprovable to GOD. The roles dipicted on the movie screen are meant to be humorous not influential to give men the idea to dress as a woman or even attempt to become one.


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