The Final Solution: The Program Of The Hon. Elijah Muhammad

Friday, December 03, 2010Brother Mustafaa

The Hon. Elijah Muhammad is a true master builder
Brother Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad 

In The Name Of ALLAH, The Beneficent, The Merciful

"And remind, for reminding profits the believers." Holy Qur'an 51:55

In this post, I just want to remind ALL of us of the importance of what The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad taught us to do which was UNITE and DO FOR SELF. He warned us to DO FOR SELF or we would be forced to take such action in the near future. 

For the past few years we have been hearing of the wobble in the American economy. Some days we hear of it rebounding and others days it seems that it has taken two steps back. The truth is the politicians are hiding the real truth of the condition of America as The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad and The Hon. Louis Farrakhan have revealed. 

"We do not believe that America will ever be able to furnish enough jobs for her own millions of unemployed, in addition to jobs for the 20,000,000 black people as well." Point #10 The Muslim Program 


 The greedy wealthy ones of America have not done right by the poor and weak of this nation regardless to color. Veterans who have fought and suffered for this country are living under bridges and in cardboard boxes. The greed in the financial sector led to what is called the great recession by some and joblessness by many in this country. Yet, the rich refused to give any continued assistance to those jobless Americans. No jobs and no unemployment assistance... what do you expect the people to do? As the late Tupac Shakur said: "You have money for wars, but can't feed the poor."

In all of this we as black people suffer the most. As it is said we are FIRST fired and LAST hired.

The United States of America is the fulfillment of the prophetical pictures given of ancient nations like Babylon, Rome and most prominent the story of Egypt persecution of the children of Israel, which the black people of America are fulfillment of the persecuted Children of Israel. 

The root of why America is suffering as announced by the modern Messengers of God is that she was founded on Slavery, Suffering, Death and she refuses to give true justice to those who have been robbed of everything including their very mind. This includes injustice to the Native Americans as well.

Therefore, the hand of of God is against America as Moses asked God to destroy Pharaoh's wealth and power 

"And Moses said: Our Lord, surely Thou hast given Pharaoh and his chiefs finery and riches in this world’s life, our Lord, that they may lead (people) astray from Thy way. Our Lord, destroy their riches and harden their hearts, so that they believe not till they see the painful chastisement." Holy Qur'an 10:88 

Unless the wicked change from their ways and give the people of God what is owed to them we will continue to see the fall of America.

Almighty God ALLAH through his Messenger-Messiah, The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad, provided the Black Man and Woman of America with a road map to salvation out of the fall of America.

I conclude this writing with the words of The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad on the plan of salvation for you and I.

Thank you for reading these words
The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad

"We, the poor Black people here in America, must be changed into a new and different people altogether, so Allah (God) Whom came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praises are due forever, taught me.

   But, not a complete make of us -- we will be renewed from what we are in now -- and we call it a new thing. There will come a day when we (the Black people) will have a completely new thing for man and earth and the heavens above us! But, according to the scientists, God will cause this to grow into a new thing -- not a complete destruction of the old where there is no root tog row something from -- not at this time!

 The things that Allah (God) would like to do now, and will do, is to destroy the works of the devil -- as the devil would like to destroy God’s work, which God has created.

 The devil cannot destroy God’s creation because the devil had no part in the creation of the first creation. Since the devil had no part in the first creation, this makes the devil unable to lay hold to the power that would destroy the first work (of God).

The main thing, which I keep mentioning enough to make you disgusted is -- something for the Black man in America, who has spent his life long in sleeping, in ignorance of the knowledge of that which he is in.

But as soon as the Black man can awaken to the knowledge of this that he is in, then he can lay hold to that which he did not have knowledge of, which is that the Black man is the creator of the first creation.

Allah (God) wants to put the Black man back into power and the way the Black man can be put back into power is: Allah has to make the Black man all over again to master the power after giving the Black man the authority.

 Look at the poor once-pitiful Black man in America -- look at how he strives to reach for himself, and is now making a fast progress in that which God leads for Him to Understand --

The Black man’s conversation is changed -- the Black man’s way of thinking is changed -- his actual physical form is changed -- It is a great thing that has come to the Black man in America. The Black man in America is getting happier and happier.

It is not hard for the Black man in America to get rich, for he is getting rich from his own wisdom. No one has given him anything.

 As the Bible teaches you of the Prodigal Son -- ‘no one gave unto him, but he is getting rich, so fast, that God chooses the Prodigal Son to become the head of the house that he strayed away from!

 The future of the Black man is so beautiful that we can hardly comprehend it! The biggest thing that stands before us is qualification --- and readiness. Let us get qualified to master the house that God is giving to us, before someone tries to rob us of that mastering of the house. If they rob us of the mastery of the house, I am sorry for us.

I say to you, Black brother and Black sister, do not be foolish. The kingdom of heaven will be given to you and to me. Have patience to receive it.

  But, to get the house into our service, it is like a mother giving birth to a baby -- the baby must mature in that which he is in. As a baby matures in the womb of the mother in order to be born, so the Black Man must mature to be born into a new world that the Black man must build himself."

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