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Bill Cosby Rips Black Christians About Crime And Praises The Muslims For Their Community Involvement

Wednesday, May 04, 2011Brother Mustafaa

Bill Cosby praises the "Black Muslims" for their community service
[Editor note: The only thing I would correct is his language in referring to us as "Black Muslims". This was a name invented by the media to both vilify us and divide us from our broader Muslim family worldwide. Otherwise, his comments were right on point.] 

 “You cannot go to the black Muslim neighborhoods and sell drugs. They shut down drug dealers,” Cosby said, comparing Christian and black Muslin neighborhoods. He was inferring to black Muslims being subjected to nationwide vilification despite cleaning up their communities. “They don’t carry guns. That’s a myth. They just walk up with their sunglasses and bean pies and say, ‘Brother you can’t do that here,’ and the drug dealers, even with their guns and rap music, the Muslims run him out of town [and] to the emergency ward.”

“The black Muslims take time to explain who they are, so that by the time the children are 12 years old, male or female, they are proud of who and what they happen to be,” he said.

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  1. Bill has a solid argument but I would like to know more on how he associates crime with Christians and black Christians at that. Feel free to see my take on "Where Black Muslims Missed It" on BFABP.com



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