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UNTOLD BLACK HISTORY: The Black Chinese: DNA test... Case Closed

Wednesday, August 22, 2012Brother Mustafaa

Jin Li (Chinese: 金力; pinyin: Jin Li) is a Chinese geneticist. Jin is a professor at the National Human Genome Center in Shanghai as well as at the Institute of Genetics of Fudan University.[1] Jin is the principal investigator of East Asian populations for the Genographic Project which collects DNA samples to map historical human migration patterns around the world. He is a leading proponent of the model of recent African origin of modern humans. His research presented evidence that the majority of the gene pools in China originated from Africa. His team analyzed the Y chromosomes of males around China and compared this group with those of Southeast Asians and Africans. Results of the analysis suggested that Southeast Asia was the first destination of the migration from Africa to Asia which began approximately 60,000 years ago; from there, migrants moved into Southern China, then crossing the Yangtze River to Northern China. He "could not find any evidence that is consistent with the hypothesis of independent origin in China" in the 1998 study which used genetic markers called microsatellites to compare Chinese populations. He stated that while his research does not necessarily rule out independent origin, the burden of proof has been shifted to those who believe in independent origin. The findings contrast with the hypothesis that the Peking Man was the ancestor of Chinese people. 

"The original man, Allah has declared, is none other than the black man. The black man is the first and the last, maker and owner of the universe. From him came all brown, yellow, red and white people." The Hon. Elijah Muhammad as taught in Message To The Blackman

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