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Is Minister Louis Farrakhan a Sinner?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014Brother Mustafaa

By Sis. Fatimah Muhammad[Guest Blogger]

[Editor note: I found this wonderful writing on Facebook by Sis. Fatimah giving her perspective and testimony to the moral correctness & righteousness of The Hon. Louis Farrakhan. The purpose of My Walk With Farrakhan Blog is to be a place where we, the followers of Farrakhan, can express to the world our love for Farrakhan & testimony to the correctness and divine basis of his work. Though my name is on the blog it is never meant to be representative of my solo walk. I present others who are similarly walking with Farrakhan as I am. Bro. Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad]

During his speech, at Mayor Marion Berry’s funeral, Minister Farrakhan stated, “I am a sinner”! I wrestled with that. Why would God’s man make such a statement? I have been diligently studying the Minister for over twenty years. Not once have I heard conjecture come forth from him. I have never witnessed a more purified or selfless soul. He has served as a fine example for me to follow and when I followed his example I had edifying results, therefore I have concluded that he has sublime character. What would compel a man of integrity to make such a poor remark about his “ownself?”

Some may say that The Minister is a noble man and because of his lowly spirit, his motivation was to honor a great man whose past was tainted. Others may say he wanted to use himself to humble those who were sitting in judgment of our brother. Indeed, we have witnessed The Minister do this in the past, but I implore us to look INTO his actions more intensely.  

Could his reasoning have been that he understands that the “brown germ” has desires? He has taught us that it is the desire that feeds the will. Until the “brown germ” has completely fulfilled it’s divine purpose and consequently eradicated from human existence, the potential to sin will be present because the struggle to prevail against unrighteous conduct is maintained by the existence of the “brown germ”. Jesus said, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” I feel the reality of the struggle with the desire of the “brown germ”, even if one does not act on the “whispering of the internal devil”, explains why The Minister made such a statement.

At present, I feel the “black germ” is surrendering to the unauthorized authority of the “brown germ”. This internal reality is also manifested in the external reality of the original man and woman.  I feel it is imperative that the original family dethrone the internal “brown germ”. How? We must become masters of “the restrictive law”. We must prioritize the pleasure of Allah, God. {The joy of the Lord is your strength. Nehemiah 8:10} Until we do, I feel, God is not obligated to “hear our cry and heal our land” because our willful disregard for His pleasure is proving that “we love the devil because the devil gives us nothing.”

As I reflect on these thoughts, I am reminded that we were born in iniquity, for the “brown germ” is present in the original man. In spite of this reality, everything is a blessing for the believer. The teachings regarding the “brown germ” prove that Allah, God appeared in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad met face to face with Allah, God in person, and The Nation of Islam has been granted “Supreme Wisdom”.  Master Fard Muhammad came to make Himself known. Not only did He come to make Himself known, He came to multiply Himself. He is God. We are gods. How can we manifest this truth without “accepting our own and becoming ourselves”? May we not be assessed as being of the ungrateful ones, for Allah, God hates the ungrateful ones. God is present and He came to perfect the soul! {and the soul and it’s perfection!-Surah 91:7}

 Brief Bio of Sister Fatimah Muhammad One day in 1984 when Sister Fatimah was 18 years old her mother said to her, “I want you to go see this man”. This man was Minister Louis Farrakhan. She saw him for the first time at North Eastern University in Boston Massachusetts. Mrs. Muhammad dismissed him as being sexist, and wanted nothing to do with him until she was re-introduced to him 8 years later. Mrs. Muhammad began visiting the Mosque and studying video tapes of the Minster and after a year of waiting for him to slip, (he never did) she decided to join The Nation of Islam and become a registered Muslim. December 18, 2014 marks her 20th year of having her name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Sister Fatimah is the wife of Brother Fard Muhammad, and is the mother of two sons, Shakur and Khalid Muhammad.


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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article. I thank Sis. Fatimah Muhammad for allowing us to host her writing on our blog.



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