My Testimony: Sometimes New Year Resolutions Work Out

Thursday, December 31, 2015Brother Mustafaa

Sometimes New Year resolutions work out... 

20 years ago this month(1995) I made the decision I would give up drinking, smoking, my foolishness and become a Muslim and try joining the Nation of Islam to help my people. I went out with a bang with a nice Colt 45 and them greens. Once I made up my mind to change things around, my bad habits were easily erased from my life. 

From the New Years resolution I set 20 years ago came much good. I have been blessed to help in the community in various capacities. 

I was blessed to serve as a Student Minister in the Nation of Islam for 8 years over a Mosque. 

I was blessed to be placed over Islamic Services as a volunteer chaplin for the Escambia County Jail system where I spiritually served many men from our community. 

I was blessed to participate in a street ministry where I went door to door and block by block teaching & reaching. 

I was blessed to become a father and take care of my parental responsibility. 

I was blessed to give back by volunteering with a local GED program to inspire others with my story and guide them in their educational persuits. I was acknowledged for my efforts by Pensacola State College in 1997. 

I was blessed to use my public speaking abilities to raise awareness by speaking at rallies and events highlighting issues important to our people. 

I have been blessed to personally mentor young men to be the best they can possibly be. 

By my Muslim lifestyle of praying, fasting, postive thinking and healthy eating I have avoided any major health issues and maintain my youthfulness. 

I have been blessed to do many other positive things and volunteer in my community over a 20 year span. 

But, it all started with a vision and determination to change my life for the better. I kept my promise to myself and God and here I am 20 years later still going and preparing to take things to a higher level. 

ISLAM as represented by The Hon. Louis Farrakha saved me and transformed me from an ignorant n---a to a man about business. 

Blessed New Years and a productive New Year!

"I Bear Witness To The Man And His Works."

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