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An Invitation From The Hon. Louis Farrakhan To Join Us For Saviours'Day 2016

Wednesday, January 13, 2016Brother Mustafaa

(The following words are from The Hon. Louis Farrakhan's New Year interview as presented in The Final Call Newspaper.)

FCN: One last question—Saviours’ Day 2016 in Detroit, can you share with us in any way what that should look like? What should our mindset be? How should we be preparing right now for February in Detroit?

MLF: "There are a lot of people that have listened to me for generations and some of them have been bold enough to say ‘we’re tired of speeches, Farrakhan. I don’t want to hear one more speech.’ As I heard such criticism and thoughts, I said, “You know everything that needs to be said, I have really said it. It’s now not things to say, it is things to do. The subject in Detroit is “Divine Instruction and Commands” from the Commander in Chief of Black People and that’s God Himself who appeared in the person of Master Fard Muhammad and His Messiah, Elijah Muhammad. 

Commands not from a superior to an inferior but from the wisdom of God to direct us to take our communities and make them safe, clean and decent. We can’t make a better world or a better people under the present educational system of White America. We reject it entirely. We have scholars and scientists among us who are well educated. We must develop a curriculum for the inner cities that the Black and the Brown, and even the poor Whites and Native People, can have an education that will civilize us and prepare us for self-governance. We can make a better people.  

Where’s your proof, Farrakhan? Look at the Nation of Islam. Look at what we do in the University of Islam. No, we are not perfect but we are better than what we see being produced by this Western education. We need a better education then we can make a better people.  Much more for Saviours’ Day.

I would advise those who are ready to work, those who are ready for the real work of cleaning up our community and making it decent and safe and productive, meet me in Detroit. Bring your scholarship and your desires for this very well may be my last Saviours’ Day among you but I have run the course and I’m just about finished the course. I have kept the faith and Inshallah, I may go away not to die but to get the New Wisdom.
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told me that “what I’ve given you is just a wake up message” and you are so slow in waking up and you wake up and you’re groggy and the enemy put a little pacifier in your mouth and you go back to sleep again but it’s time now for a greater knowledge to come.
I can’t make that up. I have to go get it from him who taught us all in the first place. Yes, he’s alive and those of you who think he’s dead if I go and you see me again, you’ll know that I have been where all you would like to be. May Allah bless you all and let us have a great Saviours’ Day."
"I Bear Witness To The Man And His Works." 

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