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Which Martin Luther King Is Being Remembered On This Celebration Of His Birth?

Monday, January 18, 2016Brother Mustafaa

FYI: Which Martin Luther King will be remembered this weekend and Monday?

-Martin Luther King's final scheduled speech before he was killed was titled: "Why America May Go To Hell" not the "I Have A Dream" philosophy of years prior. 

-In his final days, Martin Luther King told his friend and confidant, the legendary Harry Belafonte, he feared he had "integrated his people into a burning house."  

-Martin Luther King said in a 1967 interview his dream had tuned into a nightmare as he grew more aware. 

-Martin Luther King met with the Nation of Islam and was willing to collaborate for the good of our people. 

-Martin Luther King also said integration was more of a benefit to white society by them getting the black dollar. 

-Martin Luther King's final instructions were "economic withdrawal" and using our black collective wealth wisely. 

-Martin Luther King was supportive of boycotting the 1963 Christmas spending season in response to the four little girls killed in the Birmingham, Al church bombing. 

-Martin Luther King died a hated man by the government of America, black preachers and politicians. 

-Martin Luther King promoted "black love" and "black knowledge of self" as remedies to white supremacy. He proudly stated in one of his final messages, "I'm black and proud. I'm black and I'm beautiful." 

-Martin Luther King condemned America as the "greatest purveyor of violence"in the world today and checked her hypocrisy for patting him on the back for preaching non violence to blacks, but willing to recruit those same blacks to be violent in Vietnam. 

-Martin Luther King said the crime of white society creating bad conditions for blacks was worse than the crimes blacks committed as a result of living under white society. 

-Martin Luther King was reported to have been asked to leave Mobile, Al at the bus station by a coalition of black preachers. 

Will the real MLK please stand up. If he were alive in 2016 he would be hated not celebrated. 

-composed by Brotther Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad-

"I Bear Witness To The Man And His Works."

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