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Farrakhan Was Right Again: "The War On Drugs Is A War On You And Me."

Wednesday, March 23, 2016Brother Mustafaa

"As I have stated throughout the years:  Crack cocaine is from the government of the United States of America.  And when I have said this, some of you thought I was paranoid.  During the late 1980s and early 1990s, I went across this country asking you to stop killing yourself (“Stop The Killing” tour), because I knew that the government was making war on Black youth, Black men in particular. Brothers and sisters, the Million Man March didn’t happen in a vacuum—I had been working on that 10 years prior!  I crisscrossed this country saying to Black youth “the government has plotted against your life,” and I opened both Bible and Holy Qur’an to show you the conspiracy.

The Bible and Qur’an are not some silly Books of ancient people, these Books are real, and are filled with prophetic, symbolic pictures of things that happened yesterday to give you a picture of what is happening today." (The Hon. Louis Farrakhan: lecture "Crack cocaine: The great conspiracy to destroy the black male"

In a recent posting on Hufpost the headline story confirms what The Hon. Louis Farrakhan among others have been saying for years. The article: Nixon aide reportedly admitted drug war was meant to target blacks corroborate what Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam have been saying for years, which was dismissed as a mere conspiracy. Time brings about all understanding and what was in the dark will eventually be revealed. 

From the story... 

"An eye-opening remark from a former aide to President Richard Nixon pulls back the curtain on the true motivation of the United States’ war on drugs.

John Ehrlichman, who served 18 months in prison for his central role in the Watergate scandal, was Nixon’s chief domestic advisor when the president announced the “war on drugs” in 1971. The administration cited a high death toll and the negative social impacts of drugs to justify expanding federal drug control agencies. Doing so set the scene for decades of socially and economically disastrous policies.

Journalist Dan Baum wrote in the April cover story of Harper’s about how he interviewed Ehrlichman in 1994 while working on a book about drug prohibition. Ehrlichman provided some shockingly honest insight into the motives behind the drug war. From Harper’s:"

Our brother Tupac Shakur/2pac said it best in music, "The war on drugs is a war on you and me." 

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