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A Candid interview with Grandmaster Anthony Muhammad National Trainer Of The Nation Of Islam

Friday, September 02, 2016Brother Mustafaa

Calvin Muhammad (CM): Tell us about the moment you became the National Trainer of the Nation of Islam. What was that moment like?

GM Anthony Muhammad (GM): Well, that moment I remember we were with the Minister at an event and he said to me that he wanted me to come to Chicago and be the National Trainer. I was blown away that the Minister wanted me to do anything. I mean, I loved just being around him. I remember coming into Chicago and teaching a class in the gym in the late eighties and I went back to New York and thought to myself that I did not want to put my entire transition to Chicago all on the Minister. This is what led me to start my security company because I realized that I needed to start the process of doing something for myself in order to facilitate what the Minister desired of me. I started to set up my business and I moved into Chicago just before the Million Man March and my wife came in shortly after.

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