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The Hon. Louis Farrakhan: He Taught Me What I Know And Gave Me The Example Of The Human Being I Hope One Day To Become Pt. 2

Thursday, September 01, 2016Brother Mustafaa

By Bro. Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad 

"If you eat well you must forever speak well." 

In part one of this writing, I quoted the above Yoruba proverb, which remined us that if we are given elevation by others we must always give thanks/speak well of them for doing so.

Many people, over the years, have given me respect for my efforts to be an upright, intelligent, morally striving, responsible, community aware young black man.

I thank them for such, but I have to remind them that what they SEE is not the result of good upbringing, schooling or my own works. What they are seeing is the "results" of the influence of the Nation of Islam and The Hon. Louis Farrakhan upon my life. 

I will not forget nor will I ever denounce the Nation of Islam, who gave me my foundation(spiritual life), anymore than I will denounce my mother and father, who gave me my physical life foundation.

Some have tried to play "ego games" with me by telling me, "I don't need to be talking about Farrakhan so much", "You make yourself look small by giving the nation the credit for your rise", "Why don't you start your own thing?" and so on. 

I am a grown man, but what would it look like for a child to have good parents, sacrificing parents for that child's success, parents who taught the child well, parents who exemplified the path to success and then that child grows to becomes a success and forgets or downplays that it was their parents who got them started/gave them a foundation?

If you love my knowledge and understanding of the scripture(Bible & Qur'an) then we have to acknowledge The Hon. Louis Farrakhan for guding my studies. 

If you love me for any community involvement then we have to acknowledge The Hon. Louis Farrakhan who put love in my heart for our community. 

If you love me for stepping up to be a so-called single parent to my daughter then we have to acknowledge The Hon. Louis Farrakhan who taught me the role and responsibility of the Blackman. 

If you love anything I express on Facebook or any other social media site then we have to acknowledge The Hon. Louis Farrakhan who inspired me to study and seek knowledge, wisdom and understanding. 

Despite all the good The Hon. Louis Farrakhan has done for numerous black men like myself, he is not given the honor and respect he is due for doing the works of God in our midst. He says I have walked in the footsteps of Jesus Christ but you didn't know what you were looking at. Jesus was a Saviour, Jesus was a healer, Jesus was a truth teller, but Jesus was hated by his contemporaries despite all the good of him. When Jesus healed a man the wicked tried to attribute his healing works to Satan, but the man healed by Jesus said the following, 
"Whether he is a sinner or not, I don't know. One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see!" John 9:25 

I don't care what you say about The Hon. Louis Farrakhan... All I know is once I was blind, deaf and dumb, but he saved my life and changed my life by the power of God working in him. 

Therefore, I must defend The Hon. Louis Farrakhan, because he was defending me before I was born and before I was conscious that I needed defending.

"The best defense is a good offense." 

I DEFEND Farrakhan "all day-everyday", but maybe not the way you want me to... 

I DEFEND Farrakhan by buying his books/DVDs and distributing them to people who don't know of his good works.

 I DEFEND Farrakhan by my charity to the cause and meeting my Saviours' Day gift obligations every year.

 I DEFEND Farrakhan by living by this truth(the teachings) and representing his character to the best of my ability, online & offline. I DEFEND Farrakhan by doing good deeds in the community in his name.

I DEFEND Farrakhan online through my witness bearing Blog & website(My Walk With Farrakhan Blog).

 I DEFEND Farrakhan through my brand(My Walk With Farrakhan) across the Social Media.

I DEFEND Farrakhan by being a responsible Blackman, Father and family man, which is what HE taught me.

I DEFEND Farrakhan by teaching my fellow brothers & sisters in the streets a teaching which will save & transform their lives.

 I DEFEND Farrakhan by working to unite Black MUSLIMS and Black Christians for the good of our community, which was the spirit of the Million Man March. 

The teaching of Kung Fu says, "The hand which strikes also blocks." So, I am on the offense in a positive way of representing Farrakhan and living my life by God's standards, which defends him as my teacher. If I am living an exemplary life and doing so by claiming My Walk With Farrakhan then an intelligent person will have to take a second look at the teacher who produced the student(Me). And that is all I am trying to do is tell everybody about this great man who saved my life and changed my life. 

"I Bear Witness To The Man And His Works." 

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