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Yet God Still Verifies The Hon. Louis Farrakhan

Saturday, June 09, 2018Brother Mustafaa

The enemy and those who sympathize with the enemy may seek to “de-verify” this speaker of truth and servant of God, but he is verified by higher powers(God) than this world. You may not like what he says, but the challenge is CAN YOU SAY HE IS NOT TELLING THE TRUTH? 

No one wants to accept the truth of them being told when they are confronted, however accepting truth is the first step to any recovery. 

Will you accept the truth of Farrakhan to repent and atone for your misdeeds or will you continue to turn the lights off and hide in the dark? 

The righteous Jews, which the Qur’an affirms, are not the problem. It is those who use the name Jew, but do wicked deeds that The Minister is calling out. 

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