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Islam As Taught By The Hon. Elijah Muhammad Comes After Everything Else Has Failed

Wednesday, June 21, 2006Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

"The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light: they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined." (Isaiah 9:6)

All praises be to Allah! Our Terrible condition(in America) was not to last forever. A great light shined in America upon those who have been in the dark for over four centuries. In the Holy Qur’an the (Rahim)Mercy and (Rahman)Beneficence of Allah is mentioned 400 times. Can we honestly reason that Allah would show no mercy towards this black fallen humanity in North America? Many of our black brothers(and sisters too) saw that our condition was not a good condition. Many of them desired to make changes either by Physical Force, Mental-Economic Development or God devotion.

One such man was Nat Turner. He was a man who believed that he was divinely called by God to take actions against the whites of this nation for her mistreatment of her slaves. He and a band of black men went on a murder spree killing many white men, women and children. Although he sent many whites into fear we still remained under our savage condition and they(whites) used this as justification to create tighter laws against us.

Then we have those of our people who believed that Economic-educational development would free us. We created a few businesses after the 1st Reconstruction. We were even allowed to enter politics. During this time many black schools sprung up to prepare us to compete in America. Although these schools had good intentions they still did not teach the knowledge of self nor take into deep enough analysis the effects of slavery on the Black Psyche. After the Southern whites regained their strength, that was lost due to the civil war, they began to strip blacks of all their new found freedom and independence.

One of the most successful black economical enterprises was The Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma. One day the whites, under the pretense of the raping of a white woman by a black man, burned down the whole black establishment to the ground. Finally, today they have now finally confessed to their faults and are paying the descendants of this crime compensation.

Black Power

Another brother came among us and tried mightily to restore us back into consciousness. His name was Marcus Mosiah Garvey. He came with a very strong Black consciousness message. He desired for us to look at all things through our own eyes as African people. He taught that history, religion, politics, education etc. should be approached from the point of reference of “Africa”, our motherland. He believed in economic independence and tried to start businesses for us. It is also reported that he was influenced by Islam. One book “Christianity, Islam and the Negro race” is said to have had a great impact upon him. He was involved in a dispute about his Black Star Line, a black owned ship company. The whites trumped up charges that he defrauded his people and he was deported to Jamaica. His movement subsequently was broken

The first “Black perspective” orientated Islam that came to the Blacks in America came through a black man named Noble Drew Ali. Noble Drew Ali was a world traveler. He allegedly received education from around the world. He was given the title Noble by a Queen. After years of training he was instructed by a wise man to begin his mission in America among the lost blacks. He began teaching them that Islam was their religion by birth right and that they must return to it now. He called his people Moors or Asiatics. He introduced a Qur’an to us, but it was not the Qur’an revealed to Muhammad ibn Abdullah(PBUH) 1400 years ago. This Koran was filled with his writings, the writings of Marcus Garvey and other “mysticism” writings. He eventually was found dead. His movement was not totally destroyed but it was weakened.

Islam Comes To The Blacks

Several Sunni/Orthodox Muslims movements came among us and tried to reform, our pitiful condition, with The teachings of The Holy Qur'an and The Sunnah of Muhammad ibn Abdullah(Peace be upon him). Among the most prominent of these missions were the Ahmadiyyah Muslims. Many within the "mainstream" of Islam have declared this group of Muslims disbelievers for certain doctrines they claim. For the purpose of this chapter I will not be exploring the legitimacy of their Islam. This group did major Dawah in the black communities mostly in New York. They distributed the Qur'an and introduced us to an Eastern version of Islam.

In a article, titled: "Islam the African in America: The Sunni Experience" by Sheick Abdullah Hakim Quick in The Message magazine, July 1997, Pg. 23, we learn of other prominent Orthodox/Sunni Muslim gropus that tried to reform this Black fallen humanity, in America,

"Other expressions of Islam were also developing during the first half of the twentieth century. According to the research Dr. Sulayman Nyang of Howard University, the African Moslem Welfare Society of America was founded in 1927 by a Sudanese immigrant. It attempted to propagate Islam in the African American community in 1928 and attempted to approach its intsructions using the Arabic language. A community of African Americans in Buffalo, NY who had come in contact with immigrant Muslims and who were being intructed in the Arabic alphabet by 1933, contacted a Professor Ezzal-din, according to one report, had been a Christian minister in Pennsylvania whose congregation had sent him to Rome to further his education. In Rome, he came in contact with an Egptian Muslim who told him that Egypt would be the best place to be for education in religion. He travelled to Egypt, embraced Islam, became fluent in Arabic and studied at Al-Azhar university in Cario. On returning to America, Professor Ezzal-Din formed "Addeynu Allahe Universal Arabic Association" (A.A.U.A.) which eventually spread throughout New York, New Jersey, and as far as Florida. The A.A.U.A members were taught unadulterated Islamic teachings."

One of the biggest problems with Black people learning Islam from a so-called Orthodox/Sunni background, is that they, many times, adopt the culture of Arab people. Further in the Article "Islam the African in America: The Sunni Experience" by Sheick Abdullah Hakim Quick in The Message magazine, July 1997, Pg. 23, we learn the root of this emulation of Arabs,

"This tendency to assume the nationality or the race of the immigrant Muslims was part of the emulation stage. Low self esteem, self hatred, or total self denial are only part of the legacy of slavery that Africans in America had inherited. Islamic identity became a way to forget the past."

I do not doubt that these groups were sincere in their efforts to reform the Black man and woman of America, but they were trying to use a product that had expired as far as its effectiveness. The Prophet of Islam, Muhammad ibn Abdullah, said: "Three generations after him would not be of him", further he said: "Among the best communities are the First and the Last, among the First are the Messenger of Allah(Muhammad of 1400 years ago) and among the last is Jesus, the son of Mary(The Promised Messiah)." If this is true then that means that every thing between the First community and the last community are missing the mark in some degree. Prophet Muhammad wasn't Sunni, Shia, Sufi, Hannibali, Shafi, nor any other sect or school of thought. He was a upright man(Muslim).

Immigrant Muslims have been in America since about 1875, yet until The Nation of Islam came on the scene they mostly wanted to assimilate into the Western world and not promote true Islam.

We cannot go to the East looking for the guidance to lead us on the Siratal Mustaqim(Straight Path). Since they have deviated into sects and parties like the Christians and Jews before. Ultimately the Islamic invasion from the East ended in failure like all other movements that tried to reform us.

May Allah be pleased with the noble efforts of these forerunners who tried mightily to improve life for us in America. They tried all they knew how to make life better. As it was in Arabia 1400 years ago all previous attempts at the reform of Arabs failed The Christians failed, The Jews failed and The Hanifs failed. It was not until Allah rose up a man from among them and entrusted him with Divine Secrets that Arabia was raised from death.

Thank you for reading these few words


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  1. Anonymous12:53 PM

    And, a wise child would become born to teach many, who is he, Brother Mustafaa.....

  2. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Truly, without a doubt, Islam is a light for all people, which were taught by Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah (salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam) and yes, there are many misguided Muslims, which are not living Islamic correct, and it's the signs of the time.

    However, on the other hand, there are many Muslims which are living as the Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah (salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam) taught Islam.

    And, these Muslims are called Salafis


    Presently, in the USA, most Salafi Masjids are mostly Black people, whom wanted to go back to the purest form of Islam because they were tried of the bidah, innovation amongst many mainstream Muslims, which are the Muslims, you know, as the three generations of Muslims, which will not follow the correct teachings of Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah (salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam)

    I mean no disrespect to anyone, but it's the truth. And, believe it or not, many former Nation of Islam members are amongst these Salafi.

    These Salafi study Islam and follow the Qur'an and authentic hadiths only. And, Salafis do not think Allah subhanu wa ta' ala is a spirit as many other Sunni Muslims. And, they understand the cycle of life. (listed next post)

    Yes, Salafis wear garments like the people in the time of Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah (salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam), and modern day clothes as well for the men. However, as far as the women, Muslimahs cover always as stated in the Qur'an.
    ((See information regarding sisters at the end of this page))

    A List of Salafi Masjids


    Salafi tapes online



    Salafi books


    Advice to the Students of Knowledge


    Understanding Salafi Women in Islam

    50 Signs of the Day of Judgment From the Words of Allah and His Messenger (sallallahu `alaihi wa sallam)


  3. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Cycle of life: From Allah subhanu wa ta’ ala we came from and to Him is our final return. (2: 156)

    1. The soul realm.
    2. The womb.
    3. The Earth: the test.
    4. The Death: Placed in the grave.
    5. The Judgment. {The Books: Illiyyun (believers) and Sujjeen (disbelievers)
    6. The bridge, cross over or fall into the hell-fire.
    7. The atonement, some people before entering Paradise.
    8. The gates into Paradise.
    9. The wall, people with equal deeds waiting before entering Paradise, hell-fire, or both.
    10.The wait and the wash in the river for some people in the hell-fire before entering Paradise

    Reference Sources from Qu’ran and Hadiths:
    {1}The soul realm.

    Hadith 121 Transmitted by Ahmad.
    Narrated by Abdullah ibn Abbas (radiyallaahu 'anhu) Allah’s Apostle (salallaahu 'alaihi wa'sallam) said: Allah made covenant (with the whole of mankind) while creating it from Adam's back in Na'man i.e. Arafah and emitting from his loins all his offspring that He created and scattering them before Him like ant. He then spoke to them in their presence and said: `Am I not your Lord? They answered: Yes, we do bear witness thereto (of this We remind you) lest you say on the Day of Resurrection: Verily, we were unaware of this. Or lest you say: Verily, these were our forefathers in times gone by, who began to ascribe divinity to other things besides Allah and we were but their late offspring. Wilt Thou then destroy us for doings of those inventors of falsehood.' (7:172-173)

    Noble Qur’an Surah Al-A'raf 7:172-173

    And (remember) when your Lord brought forth from the Children of Adam, from their loins, their seed (or from Adam's loin his offspring) and made them testify as to themselves (saying): "Am I not your Lord?" They said: "Yes! We testify," lest you should say on the Day of Resurrection: "Verily, we have been unaware of this."

    Or lest you should say: "It was only our fathers afortime who took others as partners in worship along with Allah, and we were (merely their) descendants after them; will You then destroy us because of the deeds of men who practised Al-Batil (i.e. polytheism and committing crimes and sins, invoking and worshipping others besides Allah)?" (Tafsir At-Tabari).

    {2} The womb.

    Abdullah ibn Mas’ud (Allah be pleased with him) narrates that the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) said: ‘The seed of one of you remains in the womb of the mother for forty days in the form of a Nutfa (sperm). Then it remains like a clot for another forty days, and then for a same number of days like a lump of flesh (when the formation of the limbs and the growth of the bones begin) (Sahih al-Bukhari & Sahih Muslim).

    {3}The Earth: the test.

    Surah Al-Baqarah 2: 155-156
    And certainly, We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give glad tidings to As-Sabirin (the patient ones, etc.).
    Who, when afflicted with calamity, say: "Truly! To Allah we belong and truly, to Him we shall return."


    {4} The Death: Placed in the grave.

    "Every person is held responsible for his [or her] deeds. On the Day of Resurrection We shall bring out for him a scroll which he will see spread open. (He will be ordered): Read your own record; It is sufficient that you judge yourself today."

    (al-Isra' 17/13-14)
    And what will explain to you what 'illiyyun' is? [it is] a written record, witnessed by those brought near to their Lord."

    Abu Sa'id al Khudri reported Allah's Messenger as saying: "When the believers pass safely over (the bridge across) Hell, they will be stopped at a bridge between Hell and Paradise where they will retaliate against one another for the injustices done among them in the world, and when they are purified of all their sins, they will be admitted to Paradise. By Him in Whose hands the life of Muhammad is, everybody will recognize his dwelling in Paradise better than he recognizes his dwelling in this world." (Sahih al-Bukhari, Fath Al-Bari)

    {5}The Judgment. {The Books: Illiyyun (believers) and Sujjeen (disbelievers)

    Qurâ'n Surâh Al-Baqarah 2:281
    And be afraid of the Day when you shall be brought back to Allah. Then every person shall be paid what he earned, and they shall not be dealt with unjustly.
    "Those whose scales are heavy (with good deeds) will be successful and those whose scales are light (lacking sufficient good deeds), will lose their souls eternally to Hell."
    (al-Mu'minun 23/102-103)

    Bukhari Volume 8, Book 76, Number 528:
    Narrated Sahl bin Sa'd: I heard the Prophet saying, "The people will be gathered on the Day of Resurrection on reddish white land like a pure loaf of bread (made of pure fine flour)." Sahl added: That land will have no landmarks for anybody (to make use of).

    Surah Ad-Dukhan 44:40-50
    Verily, the Day of Judgement (when Allah will judge between the creatures) is the time appointed for all of them, The Day when Maulan (a near relative) cannot avail Maulan (a near relative) in aught, and no help can they receive Except him on whom Allah has Mercy. Verily, He is the All-Mighty, the Most Merciful. Verily, the tree of Zaqqum, Will be the food of the sinners, Like boiling oil, it will boil in the bellies, Like the boiling of scalding water. (It will be said) "Seize him and drag him into the midst of blazing Fire, "Then pour over his head the torment of boiling water, "Taste you (this)! Verily, you were (pretending to be) the mighty, the generous! "Verily! This is that whereof you used to doubt!"

    {6}The bridge, cross over or fall into the hell-fire.

    Al-Bukhaari reported from Abu Sa'eed al-Khudri (ra) that the Messenger of Allaah (saw) said: "The believers will be saved from the Fire then they will be kept on a bridge between Paradise and Hell. They will settle their accounts with one another for any wrongs that existed between them in this world, until they are purified and cleansed, and will be permitted to enter Paradise. By the One in Whose hand is the soul of Muhammad, each of them will know his dwelling in Paradise better than he knew his dwelling in this world". (Sahih al-Bukhaari, Kitaab ar-Riqaaq, Baab al-Qisas Yawm al-Qiyamah, Fath al-Baari, 11/395)
    {7}The atonement, some people before entering Paradise.

    Sahih Bukhari: Volume 4, Book 54, Number 479: Narrated Sahl bin Sad:The Prophet said, "Paradise has eight gates, and one of them is called Ar-Raiyan through which none will enter but those who observe fasting." The Prophet also said, "If a person spends two different kinds of something (for Allah's Cause), he will be called from the gates of Paradise."
    {8} The gates into Paradise.

    Muhammad 47:15
    The description of Paradise which the Muttaqun (pious - see V.2:2) have been promised is that in it are rivers of water the taste and smell of which are not changed; rivers of milk of which the taste never changes; rivers of wine delicious to those who drink; and rivers of clarified honey (clear and pure) therein for them is every kind of fruit; and forgiveness from their Lord. (Are these) like those who shall dwell forever in the Fire, and be given, to drink, boiling water, so that it cuts up their bowels?

    {9}The wall, people with equal deeds waiting before entering Paradise, hell-fire, or both.

    See Surâah 7:46-51 The People of Al-A`raf
    And between them will be a screen) "It is the wall, it is Al-A`raf.'' Mujahid said, "Al-A`raf is a barrier between Paradise and the Fire, a wall that has a gate.'' Ibn Jarir said, "Al-A`raf is plural for `Urf, where every elevated piece of land is known as `Urf to the Arabs.'' As-Suddi said, "Al-A`raf is so named because its residents recognize (Ya`rifun) the people. Al-A`raf's residents are those whose good and bad deeds are equal, as Hudhayfah, Ibn `Abbas, Ibn Mas`ud and several of the Salaf and later generations said.'' Ibn Jarir recorded that Hudhayfah was asked about the people of Al-A`raf and he said, "A people whose good and bad deeds are equal. Their evil deeds prevented them from qualifying to enter Paradise, and their good deeds qualified them to avoid the Fire. Therefore, they are stopped there on the wall until Allah judges them.''

    {10}The wait and the wash in the river for some people in the hell-fire before entering Paradise

    Surah Al-'Imran 3: 185
    Everyone shall taste death. And only on the Day of Resurrection shall you be paid your wages in full. And whoever is removed away from the Fire and admitted to Paradise, he indeed is successful. The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception (a deceiving thing).

    {See entire hadith: Bukhari, “The Last man to enter Paradise Narrated Abu Huraira}

    Allah will smile because of him, then He will allow him to enter Paradise, and when he will enter Paradise, he will be addressed, 'Wish from so-and-so.' He will wish till all his wishes will be fulfilled, then Allah will say, All this (i.e. what you have wished for) and as much again therewith are for you.' " Abu Huraira added: That man will be the last of the people of Paradise to enter (Paradise).

  4. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Part of #10
    Sahih Bukhari
    Volume 1, Book 2, Number 21:
    Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri:
    The Prophet said, "When the people of Paradise will enter Paradise and the people of Hell will go to Hell, Allah will order those who have had faith equal to the weight of a grain of mustard seed to be taken out from Hell. So they will be taken out but (by then) they will be blackened (charred). Then they will be put in the river of Haya' (rain) or Hayat (life) (the Narrator is in doubt as to which is the right term), and they will revive like a grain that grows near the bank of a flood channel. Don't you see that it comes out yellow and twisted"

  5. Anonymous10:31 PM

    Why do Muslim women cover?
    :::::From the Qur'an:::::
    Allah subhana wa ta ala said:

    Al-Araf 7:27
    O Children of Adam! Let not shayatan deceive you, as he got your parents (Adam and Hawwa) out of Paradise, stripping them of their raiment, to show them private parts. Verily We made the shayatin Auliyd (protectors and helpers) for those who believe not.
    Al-Nur 24:31

    "And say to the believing women, that they should lower their gaze and guard, their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw veil over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands."
    Al-Ahzab, 33:59

    O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (outer garments) all over their bodies. That will be better, that they may be known and so not be annoyed. And Allah is ever oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.

    Why some Muslim women cover their faces?

    Narrated 'Aisha (RA) who said, "The riders would pass us while we were with the Messenger of Allah). When they got close to us, we would draw our outer cloak from our heads over our faces. When they passed by, we would uncover our faces."

    Sahih Al-Bukhari Volume 6, Book 60, Hadith # 282
    Narrated Safiya bint Shaiba (Radhiallaahu Ánha) "Aisha (Radhiallaahu Ánha) used to say: "When (the Verse): "They should draw their veils over their necks and bosoms," was revealed, (the ladies) cut their waist sheets at the edges and covered their faces with the cut pieces.
    Hadith - Abu Dawud, Narrated Dihyah ibn Khalifah al-Kalbi
    The Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) was brought some pieces of fine Egyptian linen and he gave me one and said: Divide it into two; cut one of the pieces into a shirt and give the other to your wife for veil. Then when he turned away, he said: And order your wife to wear a garment below it and not show her figure.
    Why some Muslim women do not cover their faces?

    Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah (peace be upon him) stated:
    Abu Dawood authentically narrated that 'Aaishah (peace be upon her) said: "Asmaa came to see the Messenger (peace be upon him) of Allah. She was wearing a thin dress; the Prophet turned away from her and said to her: "O Asmaa! Once a woman reaches the age of puberty no part of her body should be uncovered except her face and hands."

    :::::Going to Mecca/Hajj::::
    Bukhari on the authority of Ibn Umar that the Prophet said: "The Muhrima (a woman in the state of Ihram) should not cover her face, or wear gloves"


    "Older women and covering"

    24:60 Light (An-Nür)
    Such elderly women as are past the prospect of marriage,- there is no blame on them if they lay aside their (outer) garments, provided they make not a wanton display of their beauty: but it is best for them to be modest: and Allah is One Who sees and knows all things.

    Allah! La ilaha illa Huwa (none has the right to be worshipped but He), the Ever Living, the One Who sustains and protects all that exists.
    Qur'ah Sur'ah 3:2

  6. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Obviously your are a racist ass. You will probably delete this entry prior to it being viewed by your followers. Idiot.....look in the mirror my brother.....look in the mirror.

  7. Anonymous8:53 PM

    You do not have to be blind while reading Quran. It is meant for blind people who believes but never read. it is meant for inferior people where people lack common sence. why i am telling, please read Quran once again with all your intelligence


    (Contradiction in creation of man)

    15: 26. We created man from sounding clay, from mud moulded into shape;
    16: 4. He has created man from a sperm-drop; and behold this same (man) becomes an open disputer!
    96: 2. Created man, out of a (mere) clot of congealed blood:

    (21:30 initially heaven and earth joined together and in 41:11 initially heaven and earth were separate)
    21:30. Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of creation), before we clove them asunder? We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?
    41: 11. Moreover He comprehended in His design the sky, and it had been (as) smoke: He said to it and to the earth: "Come ye together, willingly or unwillingly." They said: "We do come (together), in willing obedience."
    (50:16. Allah is very near to man 11:7. he is on a throne)
    50: 16. It was We Who created man, and We know what dark suggestions his soul makes to him: for We are nearer to him than (his) jugular vein.
    11:7. He it is Who created the heavens and the earth in six Days - and His Throne was over the waters - that He might try you, which of you is best in conduct. But if thou wert to say to them, "Ye shall indeed be raised up after death", the Unbelievers would be sure to say, "This is nothing but obvious sorcery!"

    (7:54 Everything in six days 41:9-12. In eight days—earth in 2 days, mountains and other things requited in 4 days sky 2 days. Add the days and it will come to 8)
    7: 54. Your Guardian-Lord is Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth in six days, and is firmly established on the throne (of authority): He draweth the night as a veil o'er the day, each seeking the other in rapid succession: He created the sun, the moon, and the stars, (all) governed by laws under His command. Is it not His to create and to govern? Blessed be Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds!
    41: 9. Say: Is it that ye deny Him Who created the earth in two Days? And do ye join equals with Him? He is the Lord of (all) the Worlds.
    10. He set on the (earth), mountains standing firm, high above it, and bestowed blessings on the earth, and measure therein all things to give them nourishment in due proportion, in four Days, in accordance with (the needs of) those who seek (Sustenance).
    11. Moreover He comprehended in His design the sky, and it had been (as) smoke: He said to it and to the earth: "Come ye together, willingly or unwillingly." They said: "We do come (together), in willing obedience."
    12. So He completed them as seven firmaments in two Days, and He assigned to each heaven its duty and command. And We adorned the lower heaven with lights, and (provided it) with guard. Such is the Decree of (Him) the Exalted in Might, Full of Knowledge.

    (Who is the first muslim Abraham/Jacob,Moses or Mohammad)
    2:132. And this was the legacy that Abraham left to his sons, and so did Jacob; "Oh my sons! Allah hath chosen the Faith for you; then die not except in the Faith of Islam."
    7:143. When Moses came to the place appointed by Us, and his Lord addressed him, He said: "O my Lord! show (Thyself) to me, that I may look upon thee." Allah said: "By no means canst thou see Me (direct); But look upon the mount; if it abide in its place, then shalt thou see Me." When his Lord manifested His glory on the Mount, He made it as dust. And Moses fell down in a swoon. When he recovered his senses he said: "Glory be to Thee! to Thee I turn in repentance, and I am the first to believe."
    39: 12. "And I am commanded to be the first of those who bow to Allah in Islam."
    (who requires whom as per 51:56 god requires man and jinn so he can be served and 35:15 man need god
    51:56. I have only created Jinns and men, that they may serve Me.
    35:15. O ye men! It is ye that have need of Allah. but Allah is the One Free of all wants, worthy of all praise

    Glaring contradiction between the slokas
    35:8 For Allah leaves to stray whom He wills, and guides whom He wills.
    30:9 It was not Allah Who wronged them, but they wronged their own souls.

    People of Aad destroyed in one day 54:19, 20 and several days 41:15,16
    54:18. The 'Ad (people) (too) rejected (Truth): then how terrible was My Penalty and My Warning?
    54:19. For We sent against them a furious wind, on a Day of violent Disaster,

    41:15. Now the 'Ad behaved arrogantly through the land, against (all) truth and reason, and said: "Who is superior to us in strength?" What! did they not see that Allah, Who created them, was superior to them in strength? But they continued to reject Our Signs!

    41:16. So We sent against them a furious Wind through days of disaster, that We might give them a taste of a Penalty of humiliation in this life; but the Penalty of a Hereafter will be more humiliating still: and they will find no help.

    (Contradiction in Quran 4:78-everything from Allah and 4:79-good from Allah and evil from self.)
    4:78. "Wherever ye are, death will find you out, even if ye are in towers built up strong and high!" If some good befalls them, they say, "This is from Allah.; but if evil, they say, "This is from thee" (O Prophet). Say: "All things are from Allah." But what hath come to these people, that they fail to understand a single fact?
    4:79. Whatever good, (O man!) happens to thee, is from Allah. but whatever evil happens to thee, is from thy (own) soul. and We have sent thee as an apostle to (instruct) mankind. And enough is Allah for a witness.

  8. Really Seriously....Get into the Islam as it is...we do not pledge Bayt to ANY HUMAN !!! Fear Allah and His teachings. How can you profess to be Muslim yet use standard references from The Book as opposed to the Quran and Sunnah !!!!

    Do you seriously think that because we revert to Islam...we forget our origin...Where do you think Islam originates from...It was not brought here by your so-called leader....It was brought here by our ancestors...Give credit where credit is due...Allahu Alim.


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