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The Birth Of The USA(United States Of Africa)

Saturday, July 12, 2008Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

African sunset in Tanzania
(This article was originally written during the summer of 2001 and is being reposted.)

Bro. Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

A few days ago it was announced that 41 heads of state formed what is called "The African Union", an organization that is committed to creating a United States of Africa. This group now has before them the task of creating a common currency, national defense and creating unity among the different tribes.

The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Messenger of Allah, taught us “History is best qualified to reward the researcher." Meaning: if we want to understand the contemporary, we must look to the past examples. This great wisdom can help the new African Union and potential United States of Africa from falling victim to the mistakes of past history.

Examining history 1400 years ago, we find that there was a land that had fragmented tribes, who were probably one of the most disunited peoples of that time. History teaches us that the Arabs had a lot in common, but the differences of tribe affiliation kept them at odds.

Speaking on this Maulana Muhammad Ali, an Islamic Scholar says:

"There was no settled government, no law in the land, and might was practically right. The Arabs belonged to one race and spoke one language, yet they were the most disunited people. Tribe made war on tribe, and family on family, on the most trivial excuse. The strong among them trampled upon the rights of the weak, and the weak could not get their wrongs redressed."

Many came and tried to reform disunited Arabia but failed. Christian, Jewish and Humanitarian movements sprung up and tried to unite the people of Arabia under oneness in God, however these movements just didn't have what it took to transform the Dark land of Arabia.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that time brings about all changes and whenever there is a need for a change nature produces the man(or people) who will change the circumstances that need reform.

At last Almighty Allah, Subhana Wa’ Ta’ Ala’, raised up a man who was anointed with power to reform Arabia. This man was called Muhammad ibn Abdullah(PBUH). Allah revealed through Muhammad a book of revelation called "The Qur'an". This book, Qur'an, spoke a message that Arabia had never heard before and ultimately, over a 23 year period, it transformed them from the lowest level of existence to the highest level of human expression.

One of the messages revealed in the Holy Qur'an that led to the unification of man 1400 years ago was:

" O mankind, surely we have created you from a male and a female, and made you tribes and families that you may know each other. Surely the noblest of you with ALLAH is the most dutiful of you."(Sura 49:13)

The footnote of the above Sura(Chapter) gives us greater depth of this powerful verse:

"The principle of brotherhood of man laid down here is on the broadest basis. The address here is not to believers,as in the two previous verses but to men in general, who are told that they are all , as it were, members of one family, and their divisions into nations, tribes and families should not lead to estrangement from, but to a better knowledge of, each other. Superiority of one over another in this vast brotherhood does not depend on nationality, wealth, or rank, but on the careful observance of duty, or moral greatness."(footnote2331)

The unification of Africa will not be an easy job. They are dealing with centuries of Western colonialism, language differences, religious differences, tribal differences and different ideas about what's right or wrong for Africa. Add to that the deep rooted self hate, which was indoctrinated into us by White Supremacist education and philosophy. We have a lot to over come in the forming of this African union.


The understanding of the Oneness of Allah and the Oneness of his people will be the key to overcoming the division within the African Union. We must go back to the root of all things. Before there was tribe, nationality, religion, philosophy, color differences, we were all one in the beginning from our Creator. Allah says over and over in the Qur’an that he is one God. To prove the oneness of God, The Holy Qur’an shows us of examples in the law of nature, where there is unity of nature. Also, in the observance of the universe we find unity of the planets, each planet revolves in its own sphere around the sun. The whole of creation is given to us as a sign to study from the Lord of the Worlds that oneness is the law.

The greatest teaching of the religion of Islam is the oneness of God and Humanity, under the will of God. The practice of True principle of Islam(submission to the will of God) will lead Africa to the unity that will accomplish the goal of creating a United States of Africa. Some may say, but there are other religions in Africa besides Islam and should we deny them expression? I say that Islam only means obedience to the will of ALLAH(God). Islam is a unifying religion that respects other people’s religious expressions. The true teachings of Jesus and Moses lead to the same truth "God is one and the people in God are one". I believe all the current religious expressions can exist in Africa as long as we understand that God is one God. There is not a different God for each people. ALLAH is the one Lord of all the worlds. Also, all the Prophets that we claim are one in their belief in God and the principles that they taught.

We should not let religion stop the unification of Africa. ALLAH says in the Bible:

"God is not the Author of confusion, but of peace." (Corinthians 14:33)

The Warning of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

Minister Louis Farrakhan in a recent article from the Final Call titled "The Birth of a African Union" warns the Africans:

" The western media, so upset at the thought of an African Union, has not seen fit to make it news worthy to the nearly 200 million sons and daughters of Africa living in the Western hemisphere. This teaches us that the owners of the Western media, and, the powerful governments they represent, do not desire to see the success of the African Union. this is a great time of danger for the idea of African unity. 

Although it is an idea whose time has come, it can be no stronger than the will and determination of the African leaders to make it a reality. the best time to destroy any idea, plan or organization is in its infancy. So, The African Union is now in the time of its greatest danger. The western powers are sifting The African leaders to find those who still have selfish and vain ideas in their hearts and minds that they might be pulled away from the idea of The African Union."

"Jesus said to Peter, "The Devil desires you that he may sift you as wheat." The Western powers are sifting the African leaders for character flaws and weaknesses that might be exploited to weaken the idea, the effectiveness, and, even break the will of those who desire is to make the African Union a Success."

The potential of this new Nation

The potential of a United States of Africa is so great. The Black man and woman of Africa have the potential to be the leading voice for Freedom, Justice and Equality if they would accept the right guidance. ALLAH says in both Bible and Holy Qur’an that he "Makes all things new". I love my homeland Africa, but truth be known, Africa is in need of reform as we are in America. The same Devil that destroyed us in America imposed the same mental slavery tactics on our family in Africa.

The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad in the Theology of time spoke on the need for Africa to accept new guidance:

"We love Africa, thats why we have our hands joined on the upper part of our paper. The is just what we want to do with Africa. We want to make Africa our brother, but Africa cannot lead us until they themselves have become perfectly civilized. What God has taught me is a perfect civilizing teaching. It is not something you could add to, and make it civilized-it's` perfect civilizing teaching to civilize any savage-regardless to where he comes from."(pg. 111)

Further he says:

"There are many fine scholars and scientist in Africa, but in all of their knowledge that they have, it is not from the right source, the white man has taught them. They have some of their ancient teachings, but now it must be replaced for the new wisdom, knowledge and understanding that is brought forth to liberate the blackman and woman all over Earth and that knowledge is here with me. I am not saying this to criticize anyone. I want to join hands with you and be your brother, but not with what England, the Dutch and those other slave making rascals gave you. They gave you their knowledge to enslave you like they did us here in America and Africa." (Pg 112)

If Africa were to combine the Divine guidance of The Hon. Elijah Muhammad with the land resources they already possess they could become the salt of the Earth again. Africa has the potential to become like the sun, which sits in the center, while all other planets revolve around. Africa can be that Light-Life and Power to the Whole Human Family of the planet Earth.

Once Africa gets herself together, she could then offer a helping hand to her Brothers and sisters in the West. We could in this new century help each other, we with the Divine guidance and Africa with resources. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said there can be no justice in the World until the Blackman is raised. Because, we are the parents of the human family & we are the ones who give Salt-flavor to the Earth. Once we awaken and are put back in our proper place as the Ruler then Freedom, Justice and Equality will flow down the mountain like a mighty stream.

Answer to the critics

To the whites and Uncle Tom blacks who may offer criticism of this great step by our African brothers and sisters. Yes, there are many problems in Africa. Yes, Africa has division. Yes, Africa has tribal divisions, but all things have trouble in infancy so teaches the Messenger, The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad. You don't criticize a baby when it makes an attempt to walk and falls. You comfort him or her and encourage them to make another step to ultimately walking by themselves.

History teaches us that America herself didn't start out problem free. She has been involved in civil wars, internal conflict, doctrinal differences and a host of other problems. However, ultimately out of all the chaos came a measure of peace and a United States.

When we see the Baby(Africa) make steps and fall let's not be so quick to condemn her for trying to walk independently. I believe it is time for the rise of the Blackman and woman of America and the world to rise up and rule like we did originally in the beginning.

Thank you for reading these few words!


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