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Why We Must Work Towards Self Employment

Friday, July 25, 2008Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

Today with an unpredictable job market and uncertain job futures the time is right for you to go into business for yourself. They say job security is not certain anymore. You may be working today and off tomorrow. Who has time to worry about whether you are going to have money to feed yourself?

Or, look at the meager wages that are paid today, which often just barely let you get by, without having to resort to getting a side income.

I want to ask you a simple question: "Why should you give all of your education and training to build another persons business when you can use that same knowledge to benefit your own business enterprise?"

If you can successfully help run their business, you can potentially successfully run your own. However, you must desire it in your heart and you must have faith in your ability to achieve your goals.

You may say: “But I don’t have a lot of money or I don’t think I can get a loan." I say you can run most businesses from the comfort of your home for low start-up prices and low cost maintenance. Also, you can receive money back from the government for tax deductions when you use your home to run your business.

You can start your business from your home and then maybe a year(or so) later expand to a building of your own. However, for the beginner your home is the perfect base for your new operation.

Today with the advent of the home computer and the internet it is easier than ever to get started doing your own thing either part time or full time. When you start-up a home based internet business you can create financial security that you need and have the joy that comes from having something you can call your own. There are many businesses that can be run via the internet like Self publishing e-books or e-zines, run a e-commerce store, affiliate with a company, taking surveys and many more can bring home some extra income.

I do not portray myself as a “guru” or “master” of internet money making. I don’t claim to have made millions of dollars on the internet. I am a person who has been working on the internet for a while. I have had many successes and I have had failures. Yet, through it all, I have gained valuable experience of what works and what doesn’t work in doing business online. I have made money on the internet and I know it can happen for you if you study the available resources and take action. This is not about a get rich quick scheme. Starting this business or any business is work.

Even though some businesses may be easier than others, they all must be worked to bring success to your door.

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