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My Prayer, My Sacrifice, My Life And Death Are All For ALLAH... Awakening The God Within

Saturday, April 18, 2009Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

Bro. Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

"What is so important that would keep us away from prayer to the Originator of the heavens and the earth? Why should we not pray five times a day to our Maker since we feed our bodies three times a day? Allah, the One True God, has blessed us with the universe. A sun to shine and brighten up the heavens, giving light for us to see; warmth enabling us to live, and causing vegetation to grow and all life to exist. We reside on the planet through His will, so why should we not pray and continuously thank him for this privilege?

He it is who created the atmosphere for us to breathe. He it is who created all good vegetation for us to eat, plus the fowl and other animals which we partake of daily. He it is who created the beautiful atmosphere in which we live, and which we, with our own hands, mutilate and destroy for lack of proper guidance.

We cannot improve upon the nature in which Allah (God) has created all beautiful things, yet we try. We cannot substitute the original beauty with artificial creations, yet we try. So let us realize the power of Allah, that without Him we cannot exist, and make obeisance to Allah through our prayers to Him five times a day?(The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad)

The above quote by The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad in his phenomenal book Message To The Blackman teaches the importance of prayer in the life of the black man and woman and humanity in general. The religion of Islam teaches the Muslim believers that we give five daily prayers to the Almighty God ALLAH as our Ibadah(duty) to him who gave us life. However, we are taught by The Hon. Elijah Muhammad that the God of the universe is not a spook or spirit, but rather a live man in whom the spirit dwells. 

So, why must we pray if ALLAH is supreme and doesn't need our prayers. Are our prayers for the benefit of a God out in space or are they exercises that train our minds into the mind of God within? The Holy Qur'an(29:45) teaches that the remembrance of ALLAH is the greatest force. From our studies of the power of the mind, we learn that the mind is receptive to being programmed in whatever manner we choose consciously or subconsciously. This teaching can be seen in the practice of affirmations, which is stating a thing over and over until your mind accepts it as a fact and it manifest in our lives. Lastly, Jesus taught as a person thinks so are they. This power is seen in the image of the Sphinx in Egypt where the human  head(mind) rules over the lion body.

Both the Bible and Holy Qur'an teaches that the human being was made in the image and likeness of Almighty God, ALLAH. If this is so, and it is, then our potential to be great in this earth hasn't been realized under this wicked Satanic world. 

ALLAH is described in the Holy Qur'an through his 99 attributes or characteristics. We as human beings can be beneficent, merciful, light, avengers and other characteristics of ALLAH. We often say as Muslims ALLAH Akbar! Which means ALLAH is the greatest. What about you and me who were created in his image and likeness? Are we not the greatest in our own sphere?

 The Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan teaches us that each human being is a unique individual just like there are no two snow flakes or blades of grass alike. What would happen to a person who prayed 5 times a day and understood why they were praying, which is to remember ALLAH within ourself? Wouldn't this person begin to function from a higher Godly state of consciousness? 

With the above understanding in mind, I think we can conclude that the Islamic institution of prayer is a scientific method of lining our mind up with him, who created the universe, and to help us manifest his characteristics on this earth. 

None of this is meant that we are to be worshiped as individual gods. All praises are due to ALLAH teaches the Qur'an. When we worship other than ALLAH we degrade ourselves, because ALLAH has created us to only be under his sovereignty and rule his creation. This is our inheritance, but it starts with us bowing down to ALLAH in praise and remembrance. Let us begin from this day to take our prayers more seriously for our greatness depends on them.

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  1. Anonymous11:01 PM

    excellent points and the details are more precise than somewhere else, thanks.

    - Mark


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