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How And Why I Became A Vegetarian And Tips For You

Sunday, May 24, 2009Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

I wish in the course of this writing to explain my reasons for becoming a vegetarian and the benefits of this lifestyle to myself personally and others who may adopt this lifestyle. Many when the hear of my vegetarian lifestyle think that I am deficient in some ways or missing out on the good things(i.e. meats, steaks etc...). However, I have been a vegetarian since December 1998, which till now makes it nearly 11 years of my practice. 


I had no intentions in the world to become a vegetarian nearly 11 years ago. I was committed to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle in general, however I never considered vegetarianism as a means to further that commitment. Well how did I get started? It was during the preparation for Ramadan 1998, Muslim month of fasting, when I received the instructions that Minister Farrakhan asked those under his leadership to practice the vegetarian diet for the 30 days of Ramadan. He specifically said the following, 

"His(The Hon. Elijah Muhammad) presence is to increase our length of life and to stop our rush into the grave...He took us away from the coarse flesh of beef, then, He taught us that no meat or flesh was good for us. Finally, He said to us the best foods for us to eat are fruits and vegetables. Therefore, I am asking all of the followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad under my Leadership, not to eat any land or sea flesh during the Holy Month of Ramadan. We will break our fast with fruits and vegetables. These vegetables should be cooked in the manner prescribed by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in How to Eat to Live. 

The followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad who are in prison, do not have to observe the strict vegetarian diet this year if you do not desire to. However, we should prepare to observe this diet during the Holy Month of Ramadan next year and gradually begin a vegetarian diet from this day forward. This is part of the process of gradually bringing humanity back to the original diet that allowed human beings to live hundreds of years rather than the three score and ten years (70 years) given in the Bible."

In being obedient to the aforementioned instructions, I began the process of being vegetarian for a month. I went out and read/purchased books on the vegetarian lifestyle. I began to experiment with the meatless products(burgers, hotdogs, bacon, sausages etc...). I began to feel better, have more energy and feel more connected to nature. So, after the 30 days of Ramadan, I just kept the good habits I had developed in being a vegetarian.  

Have you eaten any meat since? What do you eat?

The biggest question I get is: How do you go with out meat? Secondly, what do you eat? Some people assume that I eat salads all day every day when I mention I practice vegetarianism. For the first 8 years I strictly observed the lifestyle of a vegetarian. During the year of 2006 and going forward, I began to implement what I called "meat week" where I would allow myself to indulge in the eating of meat. I did this due to personal choice and to see how my body would react to meat. I tried this for a while and I can tell you from experience there is a difference of living a pure diet of fruits and vegetables and one of eating meat. I have since gotten back to my pure no meat diet and I feel so much better. Now what do I eat? I eat many things bean soup, casseroles, veggie spaghetti/lasagna, enchiladas, cheese pizza with veggies, veggie burgers, veggie egg rolls, veggie stir fry,  salads and many other veggie based dishes. As you can see I have a varied amount of things to eat. So, in truth I am not missing out on anything. I can eat the meatless products(without soy) if I have a taste for something similar to meat like vegetarian bacon. 

How do I?/Vegetarian is not just a diet, but a lifestyle

Many adopt a vegetarian lifestyle for many reasons including environment, diet, health, concern for animals or for experimentation. Whatever the reason, I want you to know this is a great lifestyle to practice and is absolutely good for you. There are several levels/types of vegetarians including Vegans, Lacto-ovo, raw vegans. I wont be delving into the reasons or benefits of each level. You can look them up and make your individual decision as to what works for you. I personally do not like to label myself on any level, because I do not like being put in a box or get involved in extremism. 

Vegetarianism is not just a diet, but a lifestyle. So while you are giving up meat do not forget the other things that make life wholesome like prayer, meditation, affirmations, exercise, positive people/friends, drinking plenty of clean water, communing with nature, learning new things, self improvement, avoiding toxic people/things and having fun in this thing called life. 

If you are interested you may ask how do I become a vegetarian. I will close this writing with a few steps to making the transition.

1) Study this lifestyle from books in the library or articles on the internet, so that you may make an informed decision. Do not make this move based upon emotionalism.

2) Understand that this is a process towards the ideal. If you have been eating meat all of your life it may be unrealistic for you in one day to, all of a sudden, stop eating meat. Practice gradualism to your ideal. Maybe you can start by practicing vegetarianism on a week, two week or weekend trial basis until you feel ready to totally accept. Keep focused on your goal striving towards the ideal.

3) Visit a vegetarian restaurant, if available in your area, to learn of the various dishes available. You will be amazed at what an experienced vegetarian chef can whip up.

4) Read or subscribe to The Vegetarian Times magazine.

5) Take advantage of meatless food products. There are many meatless alternatives available. Maybe you would like a decent breakfast, but don't want to eat meat. Ok! How about try this: Meatless bacon, eggs(real or vegetarian), some fruit and juice. Or how about a veggie hamburger and fries. Or even a nice veggie italian hotdog with all the fixings. You wont miss out on much if you look around and you will be adding better health to your body.

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Thank you for reading these few words


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