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The Beginning Of Islam And Moderate Muslims

Thursday, June 04, 2009Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

I am watching the current dialogue with Muslims and the Muslim world with hopeful anticipation along with most people in the world. The religion of Islam continues to be one of the most misunderstood faiths in the world due to the misrepresentation by the adversaries of Islam and often by the very followers themselves. 

The religion of Islam and Muslims have been under a microscope since the horrible incident of September 11th. I have been told personally by a few that I have made them uncomfortable, because of my Islamic affiliation. Pressure internally and externally are now causing the Muslim world and Muslims in general to reexamine the way we have practiced our faith. 

I have noticed that during this recent dialogue with Muslims there are still some misconceptions regarding Islam and Muslims. I believe these are innocent misunderstanding, but they feed into a larger stereotypes of Muslims. 

One of the most common misunderstandings concern the actual origin of Islam and Muslims. President Obama recently said in his speech to the Muslim world via Egypt that, "He wanted to return to where Islam began." Some may say what is wrong with his statement and why are you making such a big fuss over nothing? I do not personally believe that he meant anything by it, but this is not the Muslim position regarding our origin in the world. 

First, not all Muslims are Arabs, but some Muslims, around 18%, happen to be Arabs and live in the Middle Eastern region. The rest of the Muslim family live in Indonesia, Africa, Europe, America, China and all in between making up the estimated 1.5 million Muslims world wide.

Secondly, Muslims nor the Qur'an teach that Islam had it's origin 1400+ years ago or in the geographical area of Arabia. Islam as we are taught is a principle of submission to the will of the Creator of the heavens and the Earth. It is an eternal principle that is seen in nature, the universe and humanity.  It is for this reason that we believe all the prophets taught the same way of life: submission to the will of God. 

The world has taken it for granted that Islam is of Arab origin despite them only representing around 18% of the whole. Islam is seen in the sun obeying the will of the Creator and giving light. Islam is seen in the planets floating in their orbit in an orderly fashion. Islam is seen in the Bee being a Bee. Islam is seen in the bear being a bear. The human being was created with the nature of Islam and to reach greatness by bowing to the will of the Almighty God Creator, ALLAH. This is verified in the Holy Qur'an Chapter 30:30. So, it is for the aforementioned reasons that we do not say Islam has an origin other than God himself.

My second reason for writing this post is to rhetorically ask the question what is a moderate Muslim and why does Islam have to be moderated? These statements are made implying that Islam and/or the Holy Qur'an are some inherently wicked, hostile or backwards systems. So, it is up to others outside to show Muslims the correct civilization. It is clear to everyone that the practices of Muslims, particularly in the Mid East, need reform. This I will announce from the mountain tops without shame. 

The Muslim world and Muslims in general have deviated from the path as foretold by Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him). So, the Muslims need to be reformed, but it is not for their adversaries to dictate to them. Just as Christianity went through a dark age and has now come of age so must Islam come through it's own cleansing process. 

Martin Luther and John Calvin both disagreed with how Catholicism(Christianity) was being practiced from the leaders to the followers. Therefore, they protested thus creating the protestant movement in Christianity. I believe the same is in store for Islam. Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) taught that innovation would enter the religion of Islam. The true principles and practice of the Holy Qur'an, without the interpretations by the scholars, would offer light to all of humanity. 

This is an interesting time for the Muslims in the entire world. This dialogue amongst Muslims will lead to much good... self examination, self analysis and then self correction. 

Prophet Muhammad said that the sun would rise from the West. This means that as the sun represents light to the Earth, the truth of Islam will shine from the West to the East. Muslims in the East will have to start showing more respect to the Muslim communities that are being developed in America that could be an example to them to solve their problems.

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