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Black Men, Terrorism, Islam And Islamic Revival In The West

Tuesday, June 02, 2009Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

I just read a short while ago about the alleged shooting of a military recruiter by a black man named Mr. Abdul Hakim Muhammad. Of course, by his last name being the same as mine, I have already been questioned by well meaning close friends as to what this is all about and expressing concern about my safety. Subtly, in some cases, and overtly in others, this incident has raised concerns among some regarding national security and Muslims.

First, let me say that I nor the Holy Qur'an, the scripture of Muslims, do not condone any such act of aggression or violence against non combatants. The Holy Qur'an teaches in harmony with the Bible that human life is sacred and is not to be taken except in self defense or for punishment for a crime. Secondly, my condolences go out to the family and loved ones of this recruiter whose life was lost. 

I have been a proud practicing Muslim for the past 13 years and this way of life has been a great benefit to me personally. I have gone from being a thuggish person being a destroyer of my community to being an asset to my community. 

I am writing, because of my concern with those who will use this unfortunate incident to further their campaign of vilification of Muslims. 

Why is it that when a Muslim does something which is clearly against the faith  the label of "terrorist" or "terrorism" is thrown around? Perception becomes reality, so while there are Muslims who are faithful, upright decent people the entire Muslim community is looked at with suspicion, due to the actions of a small minority. 

As a black man born and raised in the U.S.A, I am outraged whenever I hear such terms as "terrorism" and "terrorist". I ask myself why are not the police who kill young black men labeled domestic terrorist? Nor is it labeled terrorism when they taser a brother or sister excessively within an inch of their life. 

I believe that we as black people have been under "terrorism" from the time we arrived on these shores 400+ years ago until today. Of course, this includes the so-called Indians who have suffered as well under the same "terrorist" tactics and germ warfare. When we read of these wicked incidents it is portrayed as though Blacks and Indians were savages prior to the coming of their European saviors. 

With this history in mind and the present injustice we face in this country it is understandable if some are outright angry. However, this anger does not give me or anyone the right to target innocent people. 

The Holy Qur'an says in Sura(chapter) 5:2, "And help one another in righteousness and piety, and help not one another in sin and aggression." Further in Sura(chapter) 5:3 we are told, "O you who believe, be upright for ALLAH, bearers of witness with justice; and let not hatred of a people incite you not to act equitably. Be just; that is nearer to observance of duty." 

 So, even though we have a right to be angry at the injustices heaped upon us historically and until the present we must not degenerate to becoming that which we accuse our adversaries of being.

A special group of Muslims have been in America for the past 79 years. I am speaking now of the Muslim followers of The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad and members of the Nation of Islam. We were founded on July 4th 1930 by our Saviour and deliverer Master Fard Muhammad, to whom praises are due forever. 

We have walked in peace for 79 years inside America. We are taught by our Messenger not to carry any weapons not even a pen knife. We search all visitors to our Mosque meetings and we eject any harmful items including alcohol, drugs and weapons. This has allowed us to have a consistent record of holding peaceful meetings. 

Our black brothers and sisters must come out of this interpretation of Islam called Orthodox or Sunni Islam, which is just that an interpretation. The Muslim world, for the most part, has not spoken out against black suffering in this country nor have they offered any assistance. They(some of them) have come into our communities to sell us pork, alcohol, drugs, rape our women and have joined on with the other blood sucker merchants in the black community.

Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) has said that the Muslim Ummah would deviate from the straight path 3 generations after him.  So, what we are seeing presently is not the actions of true Muslims, but those deviants following the deviated Ulema(scholars) who have ruined the religion of Islam with their wicked interpretations. 

The Holy Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) spoke of Islam being renewed in the latter days and thus prophesied of the advent of the Mahdi, the self guided one. 

We as members of the Nation of Islam believe this Mahdi has come in the person of Master Fard Muhammad and that he has raised up his Messenger in the West. The Muslim community of black brothers and sisters can now be a light and an example to the Muslim world of true Islamic practice. This would fulfill a saying of Prophet Muhammd(PBUH) wherein he says, "The sun will rise from the West."  

It's time for the world of Christianity, Islam, Judaism and other faith communities to look at the work of Almighty God amongst those black men and women who were destroyed by slavery(physically and mentally) and are now being raised to a new life by the guidance of God.

Thank you for reading these few words


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