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My Response To Charges That Minister Farrakhan Is Anti-Semitic And Anti-Jewish

Thursday, June 04, 2009Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

I am amazed that in 2009 it is still asserted that The Hon. Louis Farrakhan stated that Judaism is a gutter religion. He has addressed the falsity of this charge consistently over the years. He is a Muslim and as a Muslim we believe in all of the prior prophets/scriptures including Moses, the Torah and the prophets sent to Israel. So, the Minister wouldn't condemn people for their practice of Judaism when Islam in principle shares with Judaism at it's core the same principles.

However, the Minister says we do not judge a persons religion by what they say, but rather by what they do. Using this criteria there are not many true Muslims, Christians or Jews in this world. They may wear the label of being a religious believer, but their actions betray their proclamations.

It is in this context that he criticized some members of the Jewish community for their not living up to their faith. Does this make him anti-Jewish or anti-Semitic for saying this? He has even said the same towards members of his own group, Muslims, Christians, Black Americans and wherever he sees 
injustice and wrong. Take time to learn of this man and his divine works in America.

Brother Mustafaa


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