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Real Health Insurance From A Divine Source

Thursday, June 11, 2009Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

(What follows below is The Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan's  advice towards the health care problem in America. As the nation debates the health care system, I think we should reflect on the words of the Minister given 9 years ago.)  Brother Mustafaa

Real health insurance comes from the diet and eating that which was unclean to eating that which is clean. That which is sanitary is that which is clean and that which is unsanitary is that which is unclean. 

What is the relationship between sanity and sanitarium, insanity and unsanitary? When you put that into the principle of justice, the more deprived of justice human beings are, the more insane or unclean they become. 

When you can live in filth then you encourage rats, cockroaches, flies and all things that are carriers of disease. So, one of the first things that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad enforced upon us was cleanliness and he said one day that he would like to form a committee of cleanliness to enforce cleanliness in the society. He said cleanliness is not next to Godliness; it is Godliness. So, just helping our people to see the need for, and to get involved in the practice of being clean, will start them on the road to health and sanitary conditions.

We were required to take a hot bath or a shower everyday. We were required to put the best foods in our stomachs and therefore the Muslims countenance literally glowed. We never had prescription drugs in our bathroom cabinets. We hardly ever had a headache. We suffered from diabetes but we knew how to master it. 

The key is not forcing government to give health care to the people. The key is providing the people with an internal force of enlightenment that allows the people to give basic health needs to themselves and, what the government does is to provide people with health care should they need it. But, if you are clean and you eat the proper foods and you try to take control of your thoughts then you are giving sane, and sanitary conditions to yourself and no matter what the government does or does not do, we give health to ourselves by what we do.

The government said it was OK to drink alcohol. God said no and we stopped. The government said it was all right to smoke. God said no and we stopped. The doctors said eat three meals a day. God said no. We ate one meal a day and we got away from the forbidden swine and shell food that is improper. These are instructions to the people because what we represent is empowerment to the masses by giving the masses the knowledge of how to do for themselves rather than to depend on government, but the unity of the masses will give us the power to redirect government."


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