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Friday, July 24, 2009Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

Brother Mustafaa Muhammad

In the Name of ALLAH, The Beneficent, The Merciful

This has been an amazing year(2009) thus far to say the least. We have seen great highs(election of President Obama) to great sadness(the passing of Michael Jackson) to more discrimination against black people within America. It is for the last reason that I am writing this article. Since the winning of the election by President Obama and his inauguration January of this year, we have seen an steady pattern of increased hatred towards President Obama and the same towards black people in America. This is exactly what The Hon. Louis Farrakhan told us might happen during his November 9th 2008 speech titled: America's new beginning: President Elect Barack Obama . He said,

"What a trial for America today, but in this equation is a young man with a Black father and a White mother. Who, in his DNA, all he’s thinking about is how to bring Black and White people together with mutual respect. What a trial for America, because Barack Obama is bringing out the best in White people. And unfortunately, he’s also bringing out the worst. You listen to some talk shows—there are people outright talking about killing the brother.... your joy is somebody else’s sadness. And in your moment of revelry, there are those who will be so angry they can’t get to him—but they can get to you. So my counsel to you would be... rejoice intelligently."

There is a mind set in America which is reinforced by the educational, religious and social system to look down on black people as though we are less. This mind set causes some to still look down upon black people though we rise to high levels in politics, education, business, sports and other endeavors. This mind set is white supremacy and black inferiority, which is quite distinct from racism in and of itself. Racism is the dislike of one race by another. This is a personal choice and doesn't become totally evil unless the racist acts on their hatred and discriminate against another. However, when we say white supremacy we are speaking of a system set up via education, religion, politics, economics, social to keep Europeans dominant over darker people of the earth.

Therefore, some Caucasians may not be the extreme version of racism such as the KKK, skin heads and Neo Nazis, yet they can still be perpetuating white supremacy. White supremacy can be seen in the eurocentric manner which history has been presented to the world as though black people are secondary actors in history. White supremacy is seen in religion with European figures presented as Saviors. The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad and The Hon. Louis Farrakhan have worked to destroy this thinking in the human family of the earth. For their efforts they have been accused of being racist and participating in racism. I have been accused as they have for being a student and follower. Their work is not against any individual white man, woman, boy or girl, but rather against a wicked mind state that is not in harmony with God's will.

This year America has done something which many thought we wouldn't see in our lifetime by electing it's first black president. In many ways this shows growth on the part of the country, yet despite such success there are several high profile incidents of race hatred against blacks. As the following incidents show the mind(white supremacy) which gives rise to racism and race hatred has to be defeated for freedom, justice and equality to be shared amongst the human family.

The recent arrest of scholar and professor Henry(skip) Louis Gates shows that no black man despite his status(whether a brother on the street corner or a well known professor) can escape harassment and intimidation by police officers. It is a well known fact that black and hispanic men are disapropiately arrested by police officers. I do not believe this kind of situation would have happened with any of America's top white scholars. The officer refuses to apologize or see anything wrong with his actions.

More than 60 children from the Creative steps day camp were denied access to the pool facilities, because it was feared they would, "Change the complexion … and the atmosphere of the club." The children reported that one white lady said, "Uh, what are all these black kids doing here?" The hypocrisy in the matter is that the Caucasians there are allegedly Democrats and voted for Barack Obama.

I went to see the new Transformers 2: Revenge of the fallen last weekend. I was amazed and saddened with the obvious stereotyping seen in the above two robots from the film. The robot on the left pictured above has a gold tooth and both speak in obvious "street language". One robot claimed he can't/doesn't read much. They were both seen arguing and fighting throughout the movie. You might ask why is this a problem... it's just a humorous moment in the movie? The problem is these images reinforce the public perception that black men are thugs, ignorant, uneducated, argumentative and buffoons. It is obvious what was being said by this characterization and many have already spoken out against it.

A police officer, Omar Edwards, was killed by fellow officers while off duty in plain clothes. It is debated what role race played in fellow officers killing a blackman whom they automatically assumed was a threat when he was pursuing a suspect while in plain clothes. There have been some many cases of black officers being killed by fellow white officers even after identifying themselves as police members.

There is a dispute in the Nation of Iran regarding the recent re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The government of America has an history of meddling in the affairs of foreign governments she doesn't agree with. Even President Obama admitted to the American involvement in the overthrow of the democratically elected leader of Iran, Mohammed Mosaddeq, back in 1953. Now the media is drumming up accusations against the president of Iran in an attempt to vilify him and justify action against his regime. I guess they forgot about our own disputed elections in 2000 and 2004. There is dissatisfaction in the masses of people in every nation on the planet including this one. It is not Americas business to police the world when we have more than enough domestic issues to deal with. To his credit President Obama has wisely refused to get involved with another nation's internal affairs.

The election of President Obama has brought out the hatred in the hearts of many against the idea of a black man occupying the highest office in the land. Conservative radio hosts and television anchors routinely use subtle code words to display their hatred for the president of the United States. Rush Limbaugh even went as far as saying he hopes Obama fails.

(A derogatory message about Obama posted in the stall of a restroom in Orlando. I am sure a black person didn't write this.)

There are even more unreported incidents of violence and discriminatory acts against black people due to the historic election.

I close with words of warning and guidance from The Hon. Louis Farrakhan concerning the change the new president can bring.

"If Congress tries to hamstring him because of his vision for change, and if the Whites in America don’t understand that Barack Obama is mercy, not only for us, but for them and for their children, and for their children’s children; and if we hurt this young man and keep him from doing what is in his heart to do, then... we will bring on ourselves a chastisement from God the like of which has never been seen before in any nation that God has chastised... Don’t harm this young man."(America's new beginning: President elect Barack Obama 11-9-2009)

Thank you for reading these few words

What do you think?/feedback

Copyright2009 Mustafaa Muhammad

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  2. Greetings,

    Thanks for stopping by the blog. You just proved my point by showcasing your ignorance before the whole internet world to see. Again thanks for the live example of what I wrote about.

  3. Anonymous9:08 PM

    God forbid you stupid Negroes get together and try to change your "community" instead of being the perpetual victims you ALWAYS claim you are. Your entire race, here in America as well as worlwide, is rotten to its core.

    Everywhere you blacks are, there is mind numbing violence, brutal rapes, poverty, squalor, and a petri dish of new and old diseases. You have contributed NOTHING to this world.

    Want Facts?
    Over half of all violent crime in America is caused directly by you, who only compromise 12% of the population. Over 35,000 White women are raped by Blacks each year, a statistical ZERO Black women are raped by Whites each year. Every single statistic, be it violence, rape robbery, you name it- Blacks account for a whopping majority, many times what their percent of population is.

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  4. This post seems to be bringing out the ignorant crowd. However, I thank you for taking the time to visit and showcase to the world a living example why I wrote this post.


  5. Anonymous10:34 PM


    We white colonists wish to make a confession. We confess our
    sins against the black people of Africa (and those of our
    forefathers), which are outlined in detail below:-

    1. We apologize for giving them doctors, new hospitals,
    medical services that enabled them to survive plagues,
    disasters and to multiply into uncountable numbers.

    2. We apologize for teaching them to read and write the
    English language and even for putting their own languages
    down in writing for them. We even taught them mathematics
    and built hundreds (if not thousands) of schools for them
    even rebuilding and repairing same when they burnt them down
    or vandalized them.

    3. We apologize for building factories and shops, which gave
    them work. We apologize for taking them into our houses to
    work, giving them food and even paying them.

    4. We apologize for building farms out of barren bush and
    gardens from which we fed them .

    5. We apologize for giving them clothes and shoes instead of
    leaving them in the animal skins they wore before we found
    them wandering aimlessly around the plains, mountains and
    valleys not having evolved sufficiently to invent even the
    wheel or written language.

    6. We apologize for extracting minerals from below the earth,
    minerals which had always been there but were unknown to the
    local inhabitants. We apologize for paying them to work in
    these mines.

    7. We apologize for those among us who established charity
    organizations to feed and clothe them while they themselves
    never knew, or know now, the meaning of charity.

    8. We apologize for building a network of roads all over the
    country which they now use to give Africa one of the highest
    road accident rates in the world.

    9. We apologize for building huge dams which keep them
    supplied with fresh water, even in times of drought.

    10. We apologize for paying the lion's share of the countries
    tax burden while spending the least upon ourselves.

    11. We apologize for giving them modern construction
    techniques which enabled them to move out of the mud & grass
    structures which they copied from bird's nests.

    For all these evil sins we most humbly beg forgiveness, and
    if they will only accept our apologies, we will gladly take
    back all of the above mentioned evil deeds and leave them
    where and as we found them, in the first place.

  6. Your self righteous comment is sickening, but thanks for taking time out of your schedule to visit me.



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