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Opening Our Hearts To Become Functionaries Of God himself

Friday, July 10, 2009Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad preached that he was taught by God in the person of Master Fard Muhammad. Many of our traditional Muslim family have misunderstood what this "in the person of" means. Master Fard Muhammad, we are taught, studied for 42 years, developed himself and prayed.

This teaches us that as a certain point in his development he was dependent upon a higher power.

He was a man born, February 26th 1877, into a world that had already been created and under the laws established by the Creator(Originator). What this means is he submitted himself totally to the will of him who created the heavens & earth and due to the quality of his submission, the Supreme being came in his person.

In this instance, Almighty God was the teacher and The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad was the student of God.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad in a chapter(The will of ALLAH is being done) from the book Our Saviour Has arrived speaks on his submission to his teacher and the results:

"When a person gets righteous, God accepts him as His FRIEND. Then the will of each other is with each is with each other. What one wills, the other wills. It is the will of both...The Messenger’s will is in accord with the Will of Allah. The Messenger cannot will something opposed to Allah. Allah has taken over the Messenger’s heart, mind, and brain and Allah is making them to react according to His Will!"

This is accord with what Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) stated in Hadith Qudsi:

"That when Allah loves a person and a person gets righteous he(ALLAH) becomes the eyes with which they see, the mouth with which they speak, the hands with which they hold, the ears with which they hear."

Jesus(Peace be upon him) similarly spoke of the close relationship between him and his father, God, by saying, "I and my father are one." This only means unity of purpose and unity in will.

Now when we look at The Hon. Louis Farrakhan, who is a student of The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad, who are we looking at?

I am here to say that The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad, the Messenger-Messiah, has come in the person of Minister Farrakhan. Minister Farrakhan has totally submitted his mind and essence to his teacher where the will of his teacher is being personified in himself. This makes The Hon. Louis Farrakhan a divine leader, teacher and guide and an embodiment of The power of God and his Messiah.

We as students of Minister Farrakhan have the opportunity to open our hearts and minds to allow him to come in our person and become functionaries of the power that he represents in his person.


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