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Review of message: The crucifixion of Michael Jackson and all responsible black leadership

Sunday, July 26, 2009Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

(Photo used courtesy of The Final Call)

Brother Mustafaa Muhammad

Today I tuned in via internet to hear what was billed as a revealing of truth regarding the late Michael Jackson. The message lived up to the billing as The Hon. Louis Farrakhan gave a wide ranging message dealing with topics from theology, black history, scripture and of course the life and death of Michael Jackson.

I was not able to attend my regular Sunday meeting at Muhammad study group of Pensacola, which is the local branch of The Nation of Islam. Therefore, I was able to use modern technology to bring the message of Minister Farrakhan into the home on my MacBook via webcast. Me and my invited guests tuned in at 10p.m. to hear this powerful representation of the truth from The Minister.

The Minister invited the press to hear this timely message, because as one of the presenters facetiously said, "They always get the story right."

Prior to Minister Farrakhan mounting the rostrum there was a beautiful medley of Michael Jackson best songs by the Muslim sisters of Mosque Maryam, the flagship Mosque of the Nation of Islam.

The Minister began with an exegesis of theology as it pertains to black people. He revealed that we(black people) are the particular people whom God came to save, who in turn would become saviors of the world. He reminded us that as Jesus began his message narrowly only to "The lost sheep in the house of Israel" so was The Nation of Islam focused solely on a message to the black man. However, at this time we must grow into a greater consciousness, because The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad, his teacher, told him, "black is not national, but universal."

He then went into the history of government action against black men and black movements that they deemed threats to their interest of keeping black people in a subjugated state. He particularly mentioned the trials of Nat Turner, Marcus Garvey, W.E.B. Dubois, Paul Robeson, Martin Luther King, Malcom X and The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad, leader of the Nation of Islam. He mentioned all of these things to set a context which to discuss the life and death of Michael Jackson.

In his powerful conclusion, he spoke of several memories of being with Michael Jackson. He revealed that Michael Jackson wanted to sing his hit song "Man in the mirror" at the Million Man March, but was persuaded otherwise by someone. However, Michael Jackson donated 100,000 dollars to the Million Man March, the minister said. He further said despite Michael Jackson on the outside going from black skin to white skin; inwardly he was traveling from white consciousness to an black consciousness, which made him want to do for his people. He then spoke of the universal appeal of Michael Jackson and Barack Obama in attracting all races, colors and people of the world as a sign of our ultimate mission.

One of the most powerful moments for me came when the minister quoted Michael Jackson words in his song "They don't care about us" which showed the growing awareness of the musician . He also quoted the words of Michael's address to Oxford, which dispelled the oft repeated media story that Michael Jackson hated his father-Joe Jackson.

The Minister covered all the above and more in his 3 hour plus long address which was broadcast live to America and the world via webcast. I would advise you to order this message and listen to it and you will not be disappointed. You can order your copy online here

Thank you for reading these few words.

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Copyright2009Mustafaa Muhammad

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  1. Salam..please..please..please tell me..was michael jackson a muslim when he died..



  2. Salam..please..please..please tell me..was michael jackson a muslim when he died..



  3. Wa'Salaam

    I am sorry that I cannot confirm if he was a Muslim or not when he died. ALLAH U Alim. I would pray that he took Shahada in his life, but I don't know anything further than you do.


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