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You and my responsibility to end the health care crisis

Wednesday, August 26, 2009Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

In 1993 The Hon. Louis Farrakhan published a book titled "A torchlight for America" which would offer light for America with the example of those under his leadership as testimony to the viability of the program offered. One of the important topics the minister addressed was "Ending the health care crisis." We are now 16 years removed from when The Hon Louis Farrakhan addressed the topic of health care and now President Obama's plan to reform health care is all the news.

Within this book it approaches the health care crisis from a spiritual and self help perspective. The Honorable Louis Farrakhan as his teacher before him advocates a "do for self" philosophy in our lives instead of waiting on government or others to take care of our problems. As politicians debate and radio commentators rave millions of the American people suffer from health issues in this country and it seems that many just don't give a damn.

In closing, I will present to the reader the words of Minister Farrakhan regarding this hot topic, health care reform. His words can be found on Chap. 7 starting on page 123 of

"America spends more on health care than any other country. However, very little of this money is spent on preventive care. If America seriously hopes to end its crisis in health care, it must redirect its attention to preventive care.

While I support a reasonable universal health-care coverage plan, making America healthy must become the personal responsibility of each citizen, and not the responsibility of government, except in those cases where preventive care is not adequate. This approach would require each individual becomes more knowledgeable, and that leadership in the food industry , medical community and government become more responsible in providing and teaching the people the truth about caring for the human body.

Knowledge and valuing our bodies properly

The greatest gift that we have been given is the gift of life. The essence of our very being is housed within this magnificent creation of flesh and blood known as our bodies. Unfortunately, we live in a society that misdirects us and misinforms us in such a way that we place our own bodies at risk. We take care of our clothes, our pets and our material possessions better than we take care of our own bodies... Knowledge is the principle resource that can help us take better care of our bodies and health.

The "Deathstyle" of the American people and the merchants of death

We are living relatively short lives as a result of our careless lifestyles. Sixty to 70 years is the lifespan of a typical American, and if we are fortunate to live even that short period , our lives are still riddled with every type of disease... According to the Bible, we live in a world that is called "death." The lifestyles of the people reflect this world of death... Medical care is big business... merchants of death have a vested interest in keeping you ignorant and perpetually sick.

I've often noticed how people go into houses of God with such reverence... don't you think we should change our focus and become more respectful of the human body as the true house of God designed by the supreme architect of all creation. There is no house on earth more holy than this wonderful magnificent structure created by the Lord of the worlds. We ought to clean it up.

The desire to change must come before change can come. Desire must feed the will, and the will of the human being is what empowers us to make the change.

Preventive care guidelines

If you have the desire, then you need to develop the will and know-how.

First, you must pray. You must let the author of all existence into your life.

Second, you must imbue yourself with knowledge. You need knowledge. You must not take pride in what you think you already know... In fact the book that has made me a healthier individual is How to eat to live, books I & II by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad... Goto your library and read the books on health . Go to your store and get a copy of some of the health magazines like Prevention, Health, HealthQuest and Vegetarian times.

Third, strive to eat to live instead of eating inordinately and improperly in an attempt to deal with stress or to entertain yourself.

Fourth, We must exercise.

Fifth, Get rid of your addictions.

Sixth, Get proper rest and relaxation.

Seventh, you should spend a little time in the sun and communing with nature.

Eight and finally you should make sure that you and your family get regular dental and physical check ups.

You may feel that these simple guidelines for healthful living are too restricting and don't leave you free to enjoy life... think about how restricting lung disease is... think about how restricting it is to lose the use of your limbs due to the crippling effects of a stroke.

Let me remind you , the key to solving our problems begins with self improvement. The government and the medical community cannot be relied on to solve our problems."

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Thank you for reading these few words

(You can get your own copy of A torchlight for America by Minister Louis Farrakhan and read the full chapter on health care in addition to his suggestions of male/female relationships, the economy, education, prison reform, morality and his vision for America. Order your own copy here.)


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