Death of teen brings community to action

Friday, December 11, 2009Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

Brother Mustafaa Muhammad

"I will not rest on this!" These were the words spoken recently by Mrs. Cassandra Steen as members of the Muhammad Study of Pensacola led by Dr. Abram Muhammad, local rep of The Hon. Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, recently met with her to offer condolences and offer themselves as servants in her time of grief.

The grief that Mrs. Cassandra has had to suffer is the recent death of her 17 year old son, Victor Steen, to obvious police misconduct by a member of the Pensacola Police dept, Mr. Jerald Ard.

The official story goes that Mr. Ard was on patrol about 1:50 am October 2nd 2009 when he spotted Mr. Steen riding on his bike in the Brownsville neighborhood of Pensacola, Fl. Next Mr. Steen rode away on his bike, after being asked to stop, which caused Officer Ard to shock the youth with his taser. After the taser was fired Steen turned into a parking lot, fell off his bike and was ran over by the police cruiser. The young Steen laid under the police vehicle 3-4 hours before being removed and being pronounced dead.

However, patrons at the local restaurant Sluggos located across the street where the incident took place tell of a totally different story. The congregants at the eatery say that the misconduct in this incident was overwhelmingly obvious from their witnessing it.

It has come out that the officer, Mr. Ard, in this incident has a questionable past including two false arrests and a on duty traffic crash.

Nearly two weeks after the death of Mr. Steen, the Pensacola Police dept is now alleging that the young man who was killed was in possession of a 9mm handgun in what is an obvious attempt to justify the murder by painting this youth as a criminal. However, we have seen in recent history that the enemy alleged that Sadaam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction to justify their strike on the independent nation of Iraq.

The Honorable Louis Farrakhan during his lecture Justifiable Homicide: Black Youth In Peril on October 28, 2007 informed black youth of the mindset of some officers, which is rooted in slavery times.

"I want Black youth to hear this message, because police authorities are the same today as they were during slavery. In fact, this is how policing began. Police were formed to catch runaway slaves, bring them back to their masters and make examples of them to throw fear into other slaves. It’s the same today. Police authorities are trained to kill, as well as to protect... And then, that deliberative body which is to discuss the brutal murder of our people by looking into the facts, comes away calling it justifiable homicide."

After meeting with the family of the victim, Dr. Muhammad and members of the Muhammad Study Group of Pensacola later met with Movement For Change, a local social justice group, to strategize with organizers and offer guidance from the perspective of the divine teachings of The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad and the Hon. Louis Farrakhan.

Dr. Muhammad had the following to say regarding this case, "Being a former police officer myself, I know how some so-called internal investigations are really rubber stamps for the inappropriate actions of some officers. It is my intent to follow the investigation closely and do all that I can to promote a citizen review board in the future, so that such actions could be held accountable and reviewed by the citizens in which law enforcement officers are sworn to serve."

More information will be forthcoming as the case unfolds. Keep up with the latest updates on this blog

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