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How to protect yourself from sickness this Winter and beyond

Saturday, December 19, 2009Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

Brother Mustafaa Muhammad

In the Name of ALLAH, The Beneficent, The Mercful

During the month of December many say, "Tis the season to be merry!" However, with the change in weather for many people it can be said: "Tis the season to be SICK!"

On the streets, at the grocery store, work and other places where people congregate it is common to see and hear persons coughing, wheezing and having runny noses during this season. Once DIS-EASE enters our bodies we are often debilitated thus missing time off from work, time from away from loved ones and the general well being we should be experiencing as human beings.

I have for a few years, due to my healthy practices, been able to prevent sickness during the cold season. I would like to, in a few words, share the things that have worked to keep me healthy.

Tips to prevent sickness

Many of the tips I present are based upon a school of thought commonly called "Alternative health" or "Natural healing". The basis of this belief system is the human body is self healing(over time) if we present it with the correct tools to allow nature to take it's course. However, it is also a fact that these natural self healing practices go back thousands of years, as well as being practiced among the indigenous people of the Earth.

Preventive measures

Washing hands
- This one is common sense, yet during the "sickness" season it is very important to wash away germs from our hands. We pick up germs from various places we touch with our hands, therefore stay clean and you'll be helping prevent sickness. Lastly, you may want to carry a portable "hand sanitizer w/ anti-bacteria" for those moments when soap & water isn't a option.

Vitamins- Take a good multi-vitamin daily to boost your immune system's ability to fight any incoming dis-ease. Vitamin C is a good vitamin to have during sickness before and after as well. Echinecia is a old herb that was in use among the native population of America and even by many Americans up to the beginning of the 1900's according to some sources. Echinecia is a whole body cleaner and a immune system strengthener. You can receive the benefits of the herb in tea or pill form.

Proper Rest & Excercise- Another overlooked factor in preventing dis-ease is proper rest. Most "Experts" recommend a minimum of 8 hours rest each night. The effects of proper rest are: It gives the body time to heal/rejuvenate and allows our brain to sort out the various messages received during the day. In juxtaposition to the benefits of sleep, the deprivation of sleep can weaken our body's various systems overall ability to ward of sickness. The few times I have been sick have been in relation to me working long hours, not resting properly and not having time to prepare a wholesome meal.

Exercise also aids in the body's ability to fight susceptibility to sickness. You do not have to join some elaborate gym to exercise. The point is to keep your body active by whatever means work for you a few times a week.

Fasting- We, the Muslim followers of The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad, under the leadership of The Hon. Louis Farrakhan, who practice the religion of Islam have been prescribed FASTING as a cure for physical and spiritual ills.

The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad in his monumental book, How To Eat, available in 2 volumes says the following regarding fasting:

Fasting is a greater cure of our ills, both mental and physical, than all of the drugs of the earth combined into one bottle or a billion bottles... The fact that fasting is the cure for 90 percent of our ills is known by the medical scientists. But, they do not teach you that... Fast once a month for three days, four days, or for whatever length of time you are able to go without food without harming yourself, and you will feel good."

Fasting will aid in your body's ability to fight sickness by eliminating disease producing toxins. If you are not able to complete a regular fast(abstaining from solid foods) then I recommend trying a juice(fruit or vegetable) fast while drinking pure water. At your local health food store you will be able to find Yogi brand herbal teas enhanced with spirulina, which aids in reducing hunger pangs as well as enhancing the cleansing process of fasting.

All of the recommendation in this article are either no cost or low cost to you. They can be safely implemented by all without any harmful side effects. As the government debates and goes around in circles regarding health care, we must take greater responsibility for our well being by practicing the natural health healing practices that have worked for thousands of years and will work for you in the present.

Thank you for reading these few words

Copyright 2009 Mustafaa Muhammad

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