Opposition To Truth Will Not Stand... NOI Mosque In UK Attacked

Friday, July 23, 2010Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

"If we do these things, we will overcome all opposition and we will be with Allah's Apostle in Victory... Fight harder with the truth. Double your sales and distribution of the newspaper. Double your charity to the Cause of Islam. Double your efforts to bring Lost-Found Brothers and Sisters to the Light of Truth. Remember, all opposition to Truth is doomed to failure and complete destruction. Get on the side of Truth and Justice and stay there!" The Hon. Louis Farrakhan from article "All Opposition To Truth Will Be Destroyed

There is anger on the streets of Brixton today after armed police raided a Nation of Islam mosque.
Yesterday around 11.15am armed officers forced their way into the organisation’s UK headquarters on intelligence that the building was being used as a cannabis factory, according to the religious group.

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