Religious Intolerance Hits A New Low In America

Thursday, July 29, 2010Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

I can't say "I'm shocked" or "I cannot believe this" as to what I'm about to post. I read earlier today that a "Church" In Gainesville, FL will be holding a "International Burn The Koran Day". This is America we are talking about where blacks were enslaved, Indians were robbed, women were denied rights and Mexicans are being called illegal aliens as though they had not part in this country, so I am not shocked at all concerning the actions of a few ignorant bigots. 

Original Story About Burn A Koran Day 

I will, Insha'Illah(be it the will of God), be doing my part to educate the public about such ignorance rearing it's ugly head and I encourage all Muslims and people of goodwill in America to make this story known. 

Brother Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

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