August 10 2010: Where we are going this week

Sunday, August 08, 2010Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

"The ability to transform is illustrated in the life of the butterfly"

Greetings to readers of My Walk With Farrakhan and visitors alike. I am hoping that this week for all of us will be one of PEACE, GROWTH and PRODUCTIVITY. It is said that life is what you make it... so let us make the very best of this upcoming week to achieve our goals, start on unfulfilled goals and draw up some new goals to accomplish. 

This week I want the theme at this blog to be "Self Improvement". My teacher, The Hon. Louis Farrakhan, teaches us Self Improvement Is The Basis For Community Development. Therefore, the key to achieving a better world, community, family etc. starts with you and I as individuals becoming better. As the caterpillar disappears in a cocoon only to reemerge as a beautiful butterfly the same is possible in our lives. 

This week, I would like to begin as a regular feature of this blog to add interviews which I will conduct with various people covering a broad range of topics. Be on the look out for these special insights coming.

Peace be with you!

Brother Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

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