Falling From Grace And Recovering From a Fall in Our Life

Wednesday, August 25, 2010Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

We all can fall short of the glory of God, but he offers a way to return to glory

Brother Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad
In the Name of ALLAH, The Beneficent, The Merciful
I like to describe my faith walk with God as being a journey. I have been on this journey for 14 years and will be on it for the rest of my life.

I want you to think about something related to a journey. Imagine if you lived in Pensacola, Florida and you decided to travel to Chicago one day. You would find yourself traveling up I-65 N for a long period of time. Let’s also say this is your first time traveling to the destination, so you are checking your map closely trying to stay on course. Yet, you made a mistake and took a wrong exit, therefore ended up in Kentucky. What fool would sit on the side of the road, give up and never try to make adjustments (checking the map) to get back on the interstate towards your destination. Likewise, in our journey to godliness we may find ourselves making some wrong exists Ex. drugs, alcohol, adultery, lying, stealing etc… 
However, we don’t have to stay on these wrong exists. As one would get back on the interstate to continue traveling to a city, we should, if a wrong exit was taken, get back of the path to continue our journey to God.
The Bible perfectly illustrates this point in the following words

“For a righteous man falleth seven times, and riseth up again; But the wicked are overthrown by calamity. Proverbs 24:16

The Hon. Elijah Muhammad, the man God raised for our salvation, teaches us that God is willing and able to forgive us as long as we continue to believe 

 ‎"You must remember... that the Holy Qur' an teaches you and me that those who are sevants of Allah, "If the devil causes a foot to slip of my servants, do not dispair, for Allah forgives sin altogether. Know that Allah is merciful. Know that Allah will forgive the believers." This means that all believers in the Messenger if he errors or sins, so long as he is a believer he is forgiven."(The Hon Elijah Muhammad-Letter to son Wallace D. Muhammad)

The example of The Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan

Brother Farrakhan, to me, is a great example of a Muslim, because of his strong insistence that me must submit totally to ALLAH’s will, fear no one but ALLAH and his ability to be honest about his short comings. After the Nation of Islam “fell” in 1975, Brother Farrakhan said that he became “disillusioned” with religion and fell from his former resolve. After reflection on his life, the condition of our people and the teachings of his spiritual father, The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad, Minister Farrakhan recovered from his “fall”
Concerning this The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad, ALLAH’s messenger to us, reminds us

“So this is the thing that you must remember, that trials, sometimes, are so terrific that they will weaken the most strongest person sometimes.” (The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad 1964 Laborer meeting)

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting  up every time we do." Confucius

His example teaches me that the true strength of a person is not that you wont get knocked down from time to time, but can you get back up from a fall, make adjustment and go on to shine.
As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I had a major fall in my spiritual life after 10 years of striving to be a good Muslim. Yet, after much reflection and the help of God, I am now returning to the path of God and am seeking to be qualified to be called by his name. The Bible teaches us: "All things works for the good of those who love the Lord." It is important when you are having a down moment to have the right mental attitude, which will determine your response to a down moment.
I want to encourage you to examine Minister Farrakhan and his example of being a servant of Almighty God.

Thank you for reading these few words!

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