Farrakhan: Put On The New Man Speech Quotes

Sunday, August 22, 2010Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

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[This morning August 22nd, 2010 The Honorable Louis Farrakhan gave a penetrating message dealing with the making of things new. In his message he touched on many topics related to the making of a new human being and new world. This post contains quotes from this timely post. Thanks to my Twitter friends(@BrotherJesse @BrotherHannibal @Salihnajee  @TheFinalCall for posting his words]

"I thank him for his wise choice of THE Hon. Elijah Muhammad to be our messenger messiah. I thank THE Hon. Elijah Muhammad  for diligently preparing me"

"The end of Prophets has come....but God came in Person to end the time of Prophets"

"The only way to steadily march upward is to keep arrogance out of the process."

"You are only limited by your lack of vision."

"We have to look for the work of a man who is making people alive"

"That's what got the world messed up, spooky religion."

"You don't know how Happy I am to see people be made NEW."

"God says 'If you want to be me, then you want to be yourself'. But you have not known yourself"  

"Trying to do better is not as good as Doing better"

"Prayer sets the attitude & state of mind that's needed for advancement. Your SELF is great but did you create your SELF?"  

"By nature we are not patient. That is something we have to learn"

"Patience is something we have to learn."  

"Multiply the success, but be patient with yourself" 

" All human beings don't grow at the same rate of speed but all human beings have the potential to grow.

"What we are after is a new mind... what we are after is the mind of God."

"Children born of clean bodies and clean minds will come into the world to solve problems that have plagued man

"We're going to destroy that kind of thinking because God is not a sexist."

"Men have been crushed in this world." 

"Everything has a place in God's world."

"We have to protect each others mind." 

"Your true mind is really the mind of God

"We're going to encourage everybody to get back to 'How To Eat To Live

"Administrate yourself, your children, your family....manage your house

"Don't think just because we're elevated we can't fall

"Stop being fascinated by buildings--become fascinated by building that valuable final product"

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