Why I thank Allah and We thank Allah for The Hon. Elijah Muhammad

Sunday, August 01, 2010Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

(The following quotes are all from the message "The Black Woman" delivered by The Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan on January 1971)

"The brother HAS TO BE REFORMED. The sister HAS TO BE REFORMED. Muhammad takes the Black Man and reforms him. I don't mean to say that we are perfect. We are not perfect brothers. We are just your brothers who came out of the same mud yesterday that you may be in today. We are not better than you are-- we are just trying to clean ourselves up. That's all "


‎"Don't be hooked on a cigarette; don't be hooked on whiskey; don't be hooked on drugs; don't be hooked on sport and play. It's easy to pop your finger but if it's NATIONTIME we have to start building brother You cannot be sitting around just enjoying yourself. It is good to enjoy yourself, but there is too much enjoyme...nt of self and too little preparation of self, right?"


‎"Muhammad tries to make us prepare ourselves, and we are trying to do just that. We are trying to fill our heads with knowledge; we are trying to make ourselves strong; self disciplined; we are trying to develop a good strong character-- and what does this do? This makes our woman show respect to you brother"


"This makes our woman show respect to you, brother. A woman will respect you, brother, when you don't run after her like a dog after a bone."


‎"The Black Woman needs to be liberated all right, but she needs to be liberated from foolishness. She needs to be liberated from filth. She needs to be liberated from the image that a woman is only for pleasure And the Black man needs to be liberated from that kind of mind where all he can see in the woman is a bedroom..." You have to be liberated from that dog mind."


"This man has taught us that which has elevated us, reformed us and made us to think differently. He has taught us the thing that makes us love our woman, respect her and desire to protect her. He has taught us the right foods to eat to keep us looking young, giving us good health. And this is why I thank Allah and we ...thank Allah for The Hon. Elijah Muhammad"


Thank you for reading these quotes from my minister, leader, teacher and guide, The Hon. Louis Farrakhan. I pray that you will be encouraged to learn more about the teachings of The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad and what they can do for you.---Brother Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad 

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