19 Questions For Black Men

Wednesday, September 22, 2010Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

By Brother Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

Dear Brother, this letter is a reminder to you from the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, who inspired me to ask you these questions. The Bible says in the beginning God, The Creator, created man in his image and likeness and gave him power and dominion over all except himself. This man was called Adam. 

Brother, Don't we need to be like God created us in the beginning and become powerful again? Let us all examine these 19 questions, look at ourselves and then correct ourselves.

Beloved brother, we(I) are far off from being the men our Father(God) created us to be. Okay, Let's go to these 19 questions. And I pray by the power of God we will take them to heart and become mighty Men again!

1) Could you explain what being a man is to you without talking about between your legs?

2) Are you letting another man put you on a corner like a ho to sell dope for a little money while that same man is making big dollars off you and you kill your own people?

3) Are you living with a woman and she is taking care of you? Are you a baby or a man?

4) Why do you call yourself, brothers and sisters Nigger, Nigga and then get mad when the white man and others call you a Nigga/Nigger... isn't it the same?

5) Why do you call yourself Dog and your brothers Dog when you are a man? Did you know that Dog spelt backwards is God? Why not call yourself little God since you are from your father(God)?

6) Why do you call a woman a bitch? What is Jesus mother? Who is your mother?

7) Why will you date a white woman and treat her like a queen, but treat your own black woman like trash?

8) Why do you drink beer, smoke weed and destroy yourself? Do you put cheap gas in your car? Why put destructive beer/drugs/weed etc. in yourself? Are you from God and greater than this?

9) Are you spending anytime reading?

10) Are you trying to have your own business or do you want to work for someone else forever?

11) Why do you forgive white people and smile when they wrong you, but if a black person does you wrong you wont smile at them?

12) Do you read any of God's holy books?

13) Are you praying and thanking God for keeping you here?

14) Do you have children you are not taking care of? Are you letting the welfare office take care of your child? Why do you do that if you are a man?

15) Are you down for whatever when it comes to your self improvement and elevation?

16) Why are black churches about
75% female? Where are the men made in the image and likeness of God?

17) Do you respect your elders?

18) What is your purpose in life? What did the God create you for? Think deeply, long and answer this question.

19) Do you love yourself? Do you love God? Can you prove it? How? Are you going to be a MAN for GOD or a PUNK for SATAN?

Thank you for reading and we are going to work it out brothers.... Keep ya head up!

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