19 Questions For Black Women

Wednesday, September 22, 2010Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

Brother Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad and Sister Princess

Peace, My beloved dearest sister:

Time has come for ALL of us to take a long look in the mirror of ourselves. Yes we all FALL short of the glory of God. My beloved dearest sister, if you have an appointment tomorrow with God regarding your stay so far on this Earth how would YOU answer these questions below?

1) Are you happy?

2) Explain who is God to you?

3) What is your purpose on this Earth?

4) Did your mother or anyone tell you about God's laws and teach you correct morals?

5) Do you respect the divine laws and live them daily? In no... why?

6) Do you respect yourself and would others say you are a respectable person?

7) Do you respect you mother, father, and  family? If no... why?

8) Do you dress correctly as a Righteous sister or do you dress in the ways of Satan?

9) Do you have righteous morals or the evil ways of Satan?

10) Do you have sex without being married or sex with others while being married? If so... do you fear God, All seeing?

11) Do you dress your children(particularly your daughters) in righteous clothes and teach them righteous morals? If not, do you fear if they get raped?

12) Do you lie, steal or sell yourself for material things? If so... why?

13) Do you smoke, drink, do drugs or curse? If so, why?

14) Do you fight or use your voice in a loud tone? If so, why?

15) Do you pray, give charity or read any of the holy books? If no, why not?

16) Would you say that you are a disgrace in the sight of God, The Most Holy?

17) Do you think your life is headed towards destruction?

18) Do you think you need more discipline in your life?

19) Do you think you are the ideal sisters in the sight of God, The All Aware?

My beloved dearest sister, would you be ready for your appointment with the Creator if he, the All Seeing, The All Knowing Master, asked you these questions? My beloved dearest sister, start now and atone if you need to with the Creator. He is the Most Forgiving, The Most Merciful. Start a new day with a covenant with your Creator and yourself. 

My beloved dearest sister, come out of the Devil 's ways. He is making you immoral, foolish and disgraceful in the sight of the Creator as well as others. 

My beloved dearest sister,  become beautiful again and raise a great nation of children with righteous morals. A nation that God and others will be proud of. My beloved sisters, follow the commandments of The Most High Creator and have morals again. My beloved sisters, you are the best of women.

Thank you for reading and blessing to you my sister

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