The Birth Of Hypocrisy

Friday, November 12, 2010Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

Sis. Chaka X. 

I think there is a combination of a few things that can cause a person to turn into a hypocrite.

1. Emotions- I think disappointments allow a person to give up hope and their mood clouds their perception and judgment of a thing. I remember ...The Minister explaining that after The Messenger departed for the next couple of years after that he fell into disbelief and stopped living the life. He was so crushed at the thought that The Messenger was gone he started smoking cigarettes, let his hair grow out and said he didn't believe in Master Fard Muhammad any more.

That is a period in his life we should really study and examine.

Many times believers come to the Mosque like bright eyed, bushy tail squirrels and see men like trees walking. Then you may witness someone that you had a lot of trust & confidence in do something that seems out of character and it will disappoint you and put a crack in your heart. Especially if this person is in a high position/rank. Not really realizing that they are human and flawed too.

2. Lack of study- When a believer doesn't have a comprehensive knowledge of the teachings and doesn't know how to understand them in past, present, and future tense they can become confused and not really know what they are following. Many people don't see The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad as the exalted Christ. So if they don't understand his role and the role The Minister is playing as Jesus, they don't understand them and think they are making errors in what they teach. All the while it is because they don't study the scriptures enough to know who and what they should be looking for.

3. Lack of prayer- Prayer keeps one from indecency and moral corruption. We take a spiritual bath 5 times a day and ask Allah to guide us on the right path because it is so easy for us to get tempted to go off the path when you live in a world filled with evil and chaos. Thought travels at 4 billion miles per second so all it takes is 1 bad thought to creep in and it have circulated through your whole body many times over within 1 minute. (think over that)

4. Slinking devils- listening to disbelievers and hypocrites disapproval of The Apostles of Allah and the message that they bring. Letting lost found family members ostracize you for following them. Looking at what the negative media had to say about Islam and leaders of Islam. If you entertain their opinions you can find yourself doubting it. You MUST know how to defend your faith if you will walk with Elijah. You can not remain just a believer, you must evolve into a KNOWER and you have to know those scriptures through and through in order to be able to prove what we believe in no limit of time.


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    I liked this post. I'm inspired.


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