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Saturday, January 01, 2011Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

I first and foremost want to thank everyone for reading My Walk With Farrakhan Blog over the past year. This blog represents my individual walk with Farrakhan, but many many people from various backgrounds have chosen to walk in the path of divine favor with The Hon. Louis Farrakhan as their leader, teacher and guide.

As 2010 closes and 2011 is now a reality, I pray that each reader will find and/or work towards fulfilling their divine purpose for being. 

This was a great year for this blog with many new readers, great feedback and some being introduced to The Hon. Louis Farrakhan for their first time as a result of this blog.

Travel back with me as we review 5 of the top blog posts from the year 2010

"We have documented history of the enemy breaking in our places of worship under trumped up charges. This is done to intimidate the faithful and place fear in others that they will not step up to help the cause of The Hon. Elijah Muhammad and The Hon. Louis Farrakhan."

"White flesh in and of itself has never done us wrong, white flesh in and of itself hasn't caused world wars, white flesh in and of itself didn't enslave a whole people and inflict genocide on the Native Americans. However, the mind that resides in the white flesh has caused Caucasians to create SLAVERY, SUFFERING and DEATH among the human family of the earth."

"The Hon. Louis Farrakhan has a 55 year track record of working to uplift and redeem the black people of America specifically and generally all of fallen humanity. He is a man who is responsible for transforming millions of lives with the word of God."

"By learning the reality of God as a living person, yet imbued with SUPREME Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding we begin to see there is NO LIMIT to human potential if we submit to God and allow him to grow in us."

"The Hon. Louis Farrakhan, the modern man of God in our midst, has consistently for the last 24 years pointed our attention to the program Self Improvement The Basis For Community Development." 

Honorable Mention: The Birth Of Hypocrisy By Sis. Chaka X

This guest post by Sis. Chaka was one of the most popular posts from My Walk With Farrakhan Blog. This article is a preview of what I desire in 2011 from having more believers sharing their knowledge on this blog and showing the world the power coming from students of The Hon. Louis Farrakhan.

Thank you for reading and supporting us!

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