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The Timeless Value Of The Divine Guidance Of Farrakhan

Monday, May 09, 2011Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

The Hon. Louis Farrakhan

The following excerpts are from The Hon. Louis Farrakhan's 2001 Holy Day Of Atonement/6th Anniversary Million Man March speech as reprinted in The Final Call Newspaper. Time and Time again The Almighty God has shown that he is backing and leading his servant Farrakhan. 

From divine revelation given to him on the wheel September 17th 1985, his calling of the Million Man March and success, being protected from the combined powers of Satan and his world. If we don't know by now that Farrakhan isn't ordinary, but very Extraordinary. As the following excerpts show the minister has divine insight. He told former President George W. Bush what was in his mind and his plan of actions for the so-called War On Terror. 

Why should we doubt him now after he has shown his connection to ALLAH consistently?

[The following text is excerpted from a speech delivered by Minister Louis Farrakhan during October 16, 2001 observance of the Holy Day of Atonement celebrating the 6th anniversary of the Million Man March. The event was held at Christ Universal Temple in Chicago.]

We have arrived at a very critical hour when the ministers of Allah (God) who are watchmen on the wall have to not only hear the word of Allah(God) from the mouth of Allah (God), but, we have a responsibility in an hour like this to warn the wicked of their wicked ways. We should not fear what the wicked may say or do; we should only fear what Allah (God) will do if we fail to deliver the message. I know that every preacher worthy of his or her calling does not want the blood of the people on our hands by preaching a milquetoast gospel that tickles the ears of the people but does not tell the people, “Thus sayeth the Lord.”

America is at war. The president is telling the American people that this campaign will take years and that the American people should get used to the idea of the loss of life to accomplish the goal of ridding the earth of terrorists. Most of those who will die if the war continues are Black and Brown and poor White.

At this moment the United Nations is struggling to find a definition for terrorism and terrorist that all would agree with, for one nation's terrorist is another nation's freedom fighter. We have to discern whether the governments of the world are repressive of the legitimate aspirations of their citizens. And if that is so, and a person rises up within that government to seek redress to alter that government or to replace that government, then are they terrorists or are they the liberators of their people from oppression? This question has been quite difficult for the United Nations to determine: What is the correct standard by which a person or a nation will be judged as terrorist and their actions judged as terrorism?

Something terrible happened on September 11 and we have not gotten definitive answers as to why people hate America to that degree. A feeling of fear has gripped the American people and the question persists, why? People don't sacrifice their lives and take the lives of others for nothing. For the first time Islam is being talked about day and night.

There is a law of cause and effect. What we are experiencing in the world is the effect of a cause that we may not see right now. But only when the root of the conflict is exposed to the light can the tree of the conflict die.

I remember the Stamp Act in American history. And I know you remember some of the laws that the British imposed on the colonies that led to the Boston Tea Party where they dumped all the tea in the water. They were terrorists to the Crown, but they were freedom fighters to the early colonies. Paul Revere was a terrorist to the British, but, he was a freedom fighter to those in the colonies. The Minute Men that fought at Lexington and Concord, they were terrorists to the British. But, if it were not for Paul Revere, if it were not for the Minute Men, if it were not for Crispus Attucks, if it were not for those that loved freedom more than comfort, we wouldn't be saying God bless America today.

I would humbly ask our president, is there a better way to defeat terrorists? Must countless hundreds of thousands of innocent lives be lost and the cause of terror never be addressed? What then is our motive for a war against terrorism if we do not look at the cause of it and eliminate the cause?

If America would adopt the process of atonement, it would keep America strong hundreds of years into the future. Look at the words: “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (IIChronicles 7:14)

Read the rest of the ministers words in this edition of The Final Call newspaper and every week in our paper.

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