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The Hon. Louis Farrakhan Answers Questions Via Twitter

Wednesday, August 10, 2011Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

Fast Acting, Fast Thinking, Right Down To The Modern Day Times       

Shortly afternoon, August 9th, 2o11 The Hon. Louis Farrakhan participated in a Q&A sessions via his Twitter account. Those who are registered on Twitter and subscribers to The Hon. Louis Farrakhan's page were treated to a nearly 2 hour revelation of divine wisdom from God's servant in our midst. 

The questions were varied, the answers were to the point and impactful. The Hon. Louis Farrakhan showed how we can use "modern equipment" to share truth and raise the consciousness of our people instead of using social networking for fun, games and foolishness. 

There are many, for whatever reason, haven't gotten on board the social networking revolution via Facebook, Twiter and others. So, for their benefit, I am compiling the Minister's answers given via Twitter.

The Minister began with the customary Muslim salutation and greeting

"In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful. I greet you in the greeting words of peace of As-Salaam Alaikum!"

"I studied everything the Hon. Elijah Muhammad said & did. I tried my best to follow him. U should do the same."

"I love the 5% Nation. I hope one day we will all be together to build a real NOI for our ppl & humanity."

" My role is in the spiritual, not in the political."

In response to a question concerning The Hon. Elijah Muhammad and Astrology, The Minister gave the following answer "He did at times discuss it. Astrology isn't the same exact science as astronomy. His teaching is rooted in astronomy."

In response to Manning Marable's book on Malcolm X having a negative effect, the Minister says "Yes it did but it is written no weapon formed against the righteous shall prosper. Every knock is a boost"

"Study the guidance of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, the Bible & Qur'an. We are today in our Genesis, and must make man again."

"The love of righteousness can be taught by parents but only Allah can touch the hearts of our children and ourselves."

In response to the Tavis Smiley and Cornel West "Poverty Tour, The Minister answers, "I am pleased that Tavis Smiley & Dr. West are raising the question of how will America address the mass poor."

Concerning the riots and unrest in London, The Minister says, "The killing of the Black brother was the trigger to ignite the dissatisfied element in the UK. This will soon come to America."

"You reach the heart of the student by being the best teacher you can be.

"The best of teachers is that teacher that can help the student master the subject."

"The greatest quality of a True Servant is love of that which u serve. Love is the greatest principle that guides all others."

In response to the severe weather seen nationwide, the Minister says, "The Bible teaches that the worst is yet to come. What we see is just the beginning of sorrows."

"Hon. Elijah Muhammad has been warning us of these times. What we now must do is unite, pool our resources & we will survive."

In response to building our own industries, The Minister declares, "Absolutely! Up you mighty people, you really can accomplish what you will."

"Become quick thinking, fast moving, clean in and out and GET BUSY becoming productive leaders.

"Set your priorities properly. God and family are always first. Everything else follows."

In regards to hip hop and youth, The Minister says, "You already know your power but you must accept responsibility to promote the greater good instead of celebrating evil."

"We measure value by what it produces of value. Our degrees must not be pieces of paper put on a wall but put into service.

"The greatest use of our time is to seek knowledge where ever we can find it to improve our quality of life. Share that knowledge.

"I have been preparing for my lectures from the time I became a student of Islam under Malcolm X and the Hon. Elijah Muhammad...

In response to a question concerning how he prepares his lectures, he says: "I studied, studied, studied! And I am blessed with a wonderful team of researchers."

Speaking regarding Gadhafi, he says, "I never said he should not let the Caucasian into his country. I just warned him of their intention towards him and his work"

"We must know God, Self and the Enemy of God and be guided by that knowledge.

 "The youth represent the most valuable part. With the message of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad we could form a great nation w/ them.."

"In the time of Moses, the elders were allowed to die off & it was the Youth who inherited the Promised Land."

"These 9 Ministries are very important b/c they lay the basis of self-government. The formula for work in physics is F x D... Work can only be done when we use force to remove resistance. We must establish these Ministries to answer the needs of our people." 

Giving advice to NOI college students, he says "Study challenging disciplines that will aid in the development of a Nation. Don’t beg for a job. Create one."

"During this month of Ramadan you may eat lawful land & sea animals. Eat properly, think properly and live righteously."

 Answering a question is blacks should become entrepreneurs, seek reparations or leave America, he says,  "All three. We must become entrepreneurs, we deserve reparations, & some may leave. Focus more on building a nation of our own.

"America is in grave debt, which is another form of slavery. Many feel America should get out of debt instead of borrowing more."

Regarding the unity between the Nation of Islam and Orthodox Islam he says, "We are already. The only difference is we believe the Mahdi is in the world & the promised Messiah is the Hon. Elijah Muhammad."

"The advancement of technology can be used for evil or good. We make it valid by the way we use it."

Answering a question if the left is backstabbing Pres. Obama he says,  "Yes, however Pres. Obama has to do more for the poor. He can be more forthright in standing for the poor. "

"Jesus of 2,000yrs ago gave his life for the truth that he taught. One was coming after Him. That Jesus comes after Satan’s work."

"The afterlife spoken of in the Bible & Qur’an is after the life of this world, ushered in by the presence of the Mahdi & Messiah"

"Remember the Hon. Elijah Muhammad’s words, “In that day, your righteousness will sustain you.” 

"Every day we live, national & world events prove the truth of what the Hon. Elijah Muhammad taught and is teaching through me."

Answering whether a believer should choose Sunni Islam or NOI he says, "Continue to study and ask for the unequaled guidance of Allah in your pursuit of knowledge." 

"I have health challenges but Allah is blessing me to do fine, all things considered." 

 He answers the question "What can non NOI members do to help you with your DIVINE mission? He responds "Study what the Hon. Elijah Muhammad has taught and is teaching. Apply it & strive to help our people as best you can.

Regarding what is the "one more thing" he has to do to see his teacher again he says, "I am not sure. So I’m doing everything I possibly can to qualify myself for my next visit with Him.

After giving so much guidance and wisdom, he finally departed wishing us peace and blessings

"I thank all of you for your many questions! All of the ones I did not answer today, Allah willing, I will real soon.

"I Love You All. May Allah continue to bless you. I greet you in the greeting words of peace of As-Salaam Alaikum!

Again  if you are not following The Hon. Louis Farrakhan on Twitter go right over to his page and subscribe today!


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