Quotes From The Hon. Louis Farrakhan's Message In Philadelphia 10-9-2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

"I'm asking you to take this speech and piece it apart." Min. Louis Farrakhan

"Freedom means we have to go to work... Sitting around begging others is not the answer."

"It our Genesis... It must start with land and farming."

"Be proud of Jesus, stand up for him, because I follow him too."  

"You gotta lose your fear and pay people back for what they do." 

"Set up our own national black bank."

"Integration that produces separation is like a mother gestating a child to give birth, so that child may come into his own."

"Chinese people are integrated, but separated... They make this system work for them." 

"The real change we need will not come through politicians."

"Anywhere you go and the value and dignity and virtue of women is present then you are in heaven."

 I want to prove to you that the God I/we serve is very real."

"You gonna die anyway. You gotta choose what you're going to die for!"

"You want to take the country back? Let me tell you from who." 

"Let's pool our political knowledge to build a nation of our own."

"An invite to White House doesn't mean a d--m to me. I would turn it down if it doesn't better your condition."

"You say no child left behind but a big patch of the people is being left behind"

"We are going to have to look at The Hon. Elijah Muhammad again. Everything he said would happen has happened." 
"Not only is America in debt... So are the people. Debt is another form of slavery."

"You don't have a gun big enough to kill me if it doesn't please God." 

"There is no death for Louis Farrakhan."

"I want to go out like a man, a warrior."

"I don't want anybodies friendship if you don't want the liberation of our people."

"Your condition will not change if Pres. Obama is elected another 4 more years."

"I'm not going to tell you who to vote for."

"How can you (Pres. Obama) go to honor that man(Martin Luther King) and not address the pressing issues of the poor?"

"We are wrong to expect Pres. Obama to do what he can't do."  

Theme of Million Man March: Atonement, Reconciliation and Responsibility

"This is one Black man that's not for sale"

"You have to be able to say like Jesus get thee behind me Satan."  

"You have no self respect!"

"My presence here is to bury the attitude of those who founded America in their short-sighted vision"

"We wonder why we are filled with so much sickness and disease when our women don`t want to cook."

"What will we leave our children if not a nation and land to build upon?"

"We're not here to march. We're here to unite for the purpose to build a future"

"A new nation is coming in."  

"Our babies are dying and so are we, because leadership is rotten to the core."

"I came here to put my foot so DEEP in the behind of the WEAK and the WICKED!"

"If you expect a check from America, you are going to be greatly disappointed."

"I didn't come to be diplomatic or to be a politician."

"America is living on borrowed time."

"Martin Luther King, May God be pleased with his life."

 "Time for talk is over!"

"To be free sacrifice must be made!"

"We are at war! Our survival as a people is at stake."

"We all are going to be tested in this Autumn."

"As Muslims never will we fight against our Muslim brothers."

"We have to question our government."

"We should all consciently object to wars in the world"

"The future of our people depends upon our ability to mobilize."

"We need our own Media." 

"The Million Man March couldn't have happened without the black clergy."
Hear the entire message for yourself... rebroadcast.

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