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US Policy, Gadhafi and Libya

Tuesday, October 25, 2011Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

[Editor's note: The following article contains excerpts from the Historic Press Conference Addressing Events in The Middle East & The Libya policy of the Obama Administration the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered live via Webcast from Mosque Maryam in Chicago, Illinois on Thursday, March 31, 2011. In light of the recent death of Col. Muammar Gadhafi and recent developments in his country, The Final Call is reprinting these important and insightful words about U.S. involvement in Libya and the plot against the revolutionary leader. Click here to  order this message in its entirety on DVD & CD.] 

I love Muammar Gadhafi, and I love our president, Barack Obama. It grieves me to see my brother president set a policy that would remove this man not only from power, but from the Earth. That bothered me.

What is going on? Why, all of a sudden, is this rush to destroy Gadhafi? I have to ask this question of our government. 

Now, I know why you are angry with him: Because he never agreed with your policies when it came to sucking the resources of Third World peoples, and putting in place dictators that would be amenable to America's policies. And whenever a government or leader arose, that wanted to use the resources of that nation for that nation's people, America, through the CIA, would plan insurrection, coups, terrorist activities and even assassination of good leaders to put in their place America's dictators!

How dare you, America, act like you're against dictators? When did America not love dictators? American people, I'm talking to you! We have researched the record of all the coups that have taken place since the 1950s to 1984: Your government is not clean! These are gangsters—but they wear suits; and they rob weak nations, and bring down strong ones!

Now some may say, “Farrakhan, you are anti-American!” Do you know the greatest Americans are those who will refuse to bend the Constitution for personal gain, party gain, and power gain? If there is such a thing in America as “freedom of speech,” then surely freedom of speech will allow America to hear her critics, and look at herself and make change.

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