The Hon. Louis Farrakhan Leads Black Men Into The Community To Save Itself

Wednesday, July 18, 2012Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad

Min. Louis Farrakhan During His recent Outing With Men Of The Nation Of Islam To Heal Black on Black Crime

 "But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant." Matt 23:11

(The Folloing quotes are from The Hon. Louis Farrakhan's sit down interview with Cliff Kelly 7-6-12. Since that interview Min. Farrakhan has did just what we said he would do by leading men in Chicago into the streets and influencing black men, members of the nation of Islam, nationwide to do the same.)

"When the Nation of Islam was strong, we were in the streets and when we were in the streets, the violence—we had it—but it was not like it is today, so Brother Farrakhan is going to lead the Fruit of Islam into the streets. We are going to help our people. We have to take our teaching and our example to our people." 

"It is a tremendous tragedy and a scourge on our community that after we have suffered so much from so many, for so long, that we would become the worst enemies of self. This is grievous. We are filled with self-hatred and I have to say to us as parents, we took our eyes off the prize."

“We have to put our young people to work and give them hope that there is a better life for us, not sitting around waiting for President Obama or others to create enough jobs for us. We have to get together and create jobs for ourselves and our people and this we hope to share with all of our people because the battle is in our hands now, and we should take up the challenge to create jobs, employment and give our people intelligent discourse that they may come alive as human beings rather than the way we are acting at present”

“These young people are our children. They are our flesh and our blood, so we don’t go in the streets like some army to ‘take back our streets’ we didn’t own the streets in the first place. But if we get our young people together and pool our resources, we could own every street where we live,” said the Minister. “We’re coming in the streets to show our young people the love that they are missing.”

“Time is on our side, but time can be our enemy if we don’t act in accord with the time... A slaughter is on the way if we don’t make the change now.” 


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